On March 11, 2021, federal legislation was signed by the President of the United States to provide economic relief to individuals and organizations dealing with ramifications of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This legislation—titled the American Rescue Plan (or ARP)—is the third source of funding and second supplement from the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) for colleges and universities in the United States.

On May 12, 2021, Bemidji State University was notified that we will receive $4,585,381 of student emergency funds as part of the American Rescue Plan. Bemidji State University will distribute these funds through two awarding methods, Supplemental ARP Awards for Pell and ARP Emergency Funds Application Awards.

In addition to passing new funding, the Department of Education determined that the following students are now eligible for the American Rescue Plan and remaining CRRSA Act funds.

  • DACA/Dream Act Students
  • International students

Various restrictions on the use of these funds were established through regulatory direction from the federal Department of Education and the Minnesota State Office of the Chancellor. Below are students who continue to be not eligible for HEERF Student Emergency funds.

  • Senior Citizens assessed the senior citizen tuition rate
  • Students enrolled entirely in non-credit courses
  • Incarcerated students
  • Concurrent high school students​
  • Postsecondary enrollment option students (PSEO)

Bemidji State University is defining students with exceptional need as eligible for a Federal Pell Grant. Students can also demonstrate exceptional need through the Bemidji State University Student Emergency Funds Application.

ARP Supplemental Awards – Summer 2021

Bemidji State University will issue emergency student financial assistance payments of $300 to students who received a Federal Pell in the Summer 2021 semester.  No application is required for the ARP Supplemental Award. Students should receive this award no later than the week of August 9, 2021..

ARP Supplemental Awards – Fall 2021

BSU Student Senate leadership chose to split the remaining ARP dollars between the fall and spring semesters using a 50/50 ratio. Students eligible for Federal Pell Grants will automatically receive $1,115 and students whose expected family contribution is less than $15,000 will also receive awards of $860. Funding will be sent via mail or dispersed to student accounts on Sept. 23.

Additionally, students may also apply for individual relief awards up to $1000. Individual ARP grants are available to eligible DACA and international students as well. To be eligible for Fall 2021 ARP funding, students cannot have dropped, withdrawn or had a last day of attendance before Sept. 4.

ARP Supplemental Awards – Spring 2021

A distribution plan is currently under development for the Spring 2021 Semester. More information is coming soon.