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Michael Murray

Michael Murray


Michael J. Murray is an Associate Professor at Bemidji State University and Research Scholar at the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity. He co-edits the American Review of Political Economy and the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity book series. Murray’s research focuses on public policies targeting full employment, production theory, structural and technological change, and its impacts on employment.


B.S. Economics, UW Lacrosse

M.S. Economics, University Missouri-Kansas City

Ph.D. Economics, University Missouri-Kansas City

M.S. Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Johns Hopkins University


Murray teaches classes in Macroeconomics, Labor Economics, Financial Economics, Banking, Public Policy, Statistics, and Geographical Information Systems. Murray is active in both teaching and research. He is editor of the American Review of Political Economy, an interdisciplinary open access scholarly journal of Heterodox Economics and is one of three editors for Palgrave Macmillan’s Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity book series.

Research Interests

Dr. Murray’s research intersects economics, geography, and GIS focusing on regionally targeted public policies toward the pursuit of full employment and ecological sustainability.

Some more specific examples of projects you could work on with Dr. Murray include:

marrying the Green New Deal with the job guarantee,

embracing the history of assimilation, termination, and acculturation while improving the social and economic status of tribal communities,

using spatial analysis to determine the extent of the need to the job guarantee in rural Minnesota,

how heterodox economics needs to be empirically grounded to address the production and distribution while embracing the circular economy,

“Sustainable prosperity” a holistic notion encompassing the physical, mental, environmental, financial, educational, and civic wellbeing of all individuals, families, neighborhoods, and regions throughout the world.

Dr. Murray focuses on production, capital accumulation, structural and technological change, and its impacts on society and the environment.

Recent Work

More information about Murray’s books, publications, and presentations can be found at