Dr. Lukas Szrot

Photo of Dr. Lukas Szrot

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Office/Department: Sociology and Communication Studies, Department of

Location: Sattgast Hall 207 M

Phone: (218) 755-2814

Box #: 27

Email: lukas.szrot@bemidjistate.edu


I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin but grew up in Arlington, Texas, where my father, a mechanic, and my mother, a machinist, settled after some difficulties finding work in the mid-1980s. I have wanted to be an academic since I was seven years old, but couldn’t seem to settle on a field of study. I earned a BA in philosophy in 2004, after considering sociology, psychology, law, ecology, and astronomy as possible career trajectories. After graduation I “took a year off” from school that turned into almost a decade, during which I worked as a manager of a café, fluid power contractor, forklift driver, singer/songwriter, and live music venue owner. Life can be funny that way. In 2013 I made my way back to graduate school for an MA in sociology, and relocated to Lawrence, Kansas in 2015 to earn my PhD.

As a sociologist, I still draw on some of those early interests in studying how religion, culture, and ethics impact debates about scientific knowledge and environmental issues. I also have a passion for statistics (people make fun of me for admitting that!), theory, and methodology. As a teacher and a writer, I strive to bring some of those more abstract ideas and concepts “down to earth,” particularly by illustrating their practical, real-world impact. The array of life experiences that led me here, to Bemidji State University, has put me in contact with persons from diverse backgrounds and life experiences, and those experiences continue to shape my approach to teaching, research, and life in general. In particular, there is always something new to learn, and in the words of science communicator Bill Nye, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”


Ph.D., Sociology, 2019, University of Kansas

Dissertation: “America versus the Environment? Humanity, Nature, and the Sacred 1973-2014”

M.A., Sociology, 2015, University of Texas at Arlington

B.A., Philosophy, 2004, University of Texas at Arlington


Spring 2021:

SOC2240 “Men, Women, and Society: A Sociological Interpretation”

SOC3003 “Research Methods”

SOC3010 “Social Explorations: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory”

Fall 2020:

SOC1104 “Society and Social Issues”

GWS1210 “Women’s Issues”

SOC2390 “Religion and Politics”

Spring 2020:

SOC1104 “Society and Social Issues”

SOC 2240 “Men, Women, and Society: A Sociological Interpretation”

SOC 3001 “Social Statistics”

SOC 3010 “Social Theory”

Fall 2019:

GWS1100 “Introduction to Gender Studies”

SOC2200 “Social Movements and Change”

SOC3930 “Social Class and Inequality”

Research Interests

Broadly speaking, I study the relationship between society and nature.

As a sociologist, my primary areas of specialization are: Theory, Sociology of Religion, Environmental Sociology, and Quantitative Methodology.

I am also interested in issues related to gender, politics, social movements/change, social class/inequality, race/ethnicity.

I love to write, and usually have a handful of projects in process at any given time on a variety of topics. Happy to chat–scholars love talking about their research, and I am no exception!

Recent Work

  • Book Coming Soon! Faiths in Green: Religion, Environmental Change, and Environmental Concern in the United States. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, Religious Ethics and Environmental Challenges Series [link to book series].
  • 2020: “From the Middle: Sites of Culture, Cooperation, and Trust in Risk Society.” This View of Life, a publication of The Evolution Institute [link].
  • 2020: “From Stewardship to Creation Spirituality: The Evolving Ecological Ethos of Catholic Doctrine.” Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture [link].
  • 2020: Paul V. Stock and Lukas Szrot. “Justice.” In Handbook of Sustainable and Regenerative Food Systems. Edited by Jessica Duncan, Michael Carolan, and Han Wiskerke. New York: Earthscan by Routledge [link].
  • 2019: “‘Social Cocoons’ Revisited: Examining the Correlates of Strict Religiosity via Encapsulation Theory.” Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 7(6):219-230 [e-mail for information].
  • 2019: “Hamlet’s Father: Hauntology and the Roots of the Modern Self.” Fast Capitalism special issue: 2017 Symposium for New Directions in Critical Social Theory [link].
  • 2019: “The Promise and Pitfalls of Public Sociology.” Social Thought and Research, Editor’s Introduction, 35: 7-11 [e-mail for information].
  • 2019: “Social Theory as Public Sociology: Ben Agger, 1952-2015.” In Forgotten Founders and Other Neglected Theorists. Edited by Christopher T. Conner, Nicholas M. Baxter, and David R. Dickens. Lanham: Lexington Books [link].
  • 2019: “Lynn White, Reconsidered: Religiosity and Environmental Concern in the United States.” Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 6(1): 55-69 [e-mail for information].
  • 2018: “Of (Auto)biography and Social Theory: A Perspective on the Life and Work of Ben Agger (1952-2015).” Fast Capitalism, 14.1 [link].
  • 2016: “Evaluating Enlightenment: Progressive Critiques of Modernity in Rationalization and Ecology.” Telos journal of philosophy and critical theory [link].
  • 2014: “Popper, Adorno, and the Methodology Dispute” Telos journal of philosophy and critical theory [link].

Other Information

My hobbies include reading, writing, and taking my dog, Chewie, for long walks. I love the natural beauty of Bemidji, and the many local parks which I find time to visit regularly. I wanted to share some of the snapshots I have captured during my weekend treks around Lake Bemidji so far.