The Office of Communications & Marketing handles media relations for Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College. We also connect journalists working for local, state, regional and national media with the people, personalities, events and activities at both BSU and NTC.

All news releases written and distributed by the Office of Communications & Marketing are available online. News releases for Bemidji State University are published at BSU News, which includes an archive containing all releases distributed since 2007. News releases for Northwest Technical College are published at NTC News; its archive goes back to 2012.

Requesting a News Story

Whether you’ve won an award, are bringing a guest lecturer to campus, have received a grant, are planning an event on campus, or anything else related to your work at Bemidji State or NTC, the Office of Communications & Marketing would like to know about it.

Please use our Work Request Form and share the basic details — who you are, what you have to promote, and when you need a story. If you’re promoting an event, activity, or anything associated with a date on a calendar, please fill out the Work Request Form at least three weeks prior to that date. This will give our office adequate time to plan and prepare coverage for your event.

Hometown News

The Office of Communications & Marketing can share student activities and honors directly with newspapers in our students’ hometowns. Thousands of stories on BSU and NTC students are distributed through this program each year — our largest stories are announcements of Dean’s List and President’s List honorees each semester, and lists of all of our graduates for both institutions each summer. Any student activity or achievement can be considered for a hometown news release — your department’s scholarship recipients or annual student award winners, membership in an official club or organization that has done something noteworthy such as win an award, attend a trade show or present at a conference, or anything else related to academics or student life at either BSU or NTC.

As with a traditional news story, you’re welcome to submit ideas for our hometown news program using our Work Request Form.