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Print Job Notification for Shared Account Users in PaperCut

If you are set up to use shared accounts in PaperCut, you will see this screen each time you print. It will allow you to choose which account you want to charge the print to.

Request a Refund on a Print Job

If you cancel a print job but feel you were still charged for it in PaperCut, you can request a refund.

Specify the PaperCut server for authentication, Windows

Toshiba imaging devices may ask for authentication prior to printing. This article details how to set a default server to avoid this prompt.

Deleting or Installing Printers on Macs

Installing Printers on Macs

Self-Service Software to Install Toshiba MFD’s on Macintosh Computers

This article describes how to use Self-Service software to install Toshiba MFD's on Macintosh Computers.

Ordering Toner for Printers and Multi-Function Devices

How to order toner for printers and multi-funtion devices.

Setting Default ISRS Print Queue

This article describes how to change/set the default printer in ISRS.

Duplex Printing Using ISRS Print Queues

This article describes how to use duplex printing when using ISRS print queues.

Hold or Private Printing for Mac OS Users

How to print privately using a Mac OS and Toshiba printers.

Hold or Private Printing for Windows Users

How to print privately to a Toshiba device using Windows (any version).