MARS offers many services to help your organization reach its desired objectives. A sampling of these services include:

Look Good by Design

Custom logos, branding, marketing collateral and more.

Feasibility Studies

Define problems, analyze solutions and enable MARS to make appropriate recommendations.

Internet & Exploratory Research

The use of outside sources to generate ideas to help solve current problems.


Is used to compile and analyze data about the free social behavior of individuals on the Internet, unaffected by interaction with a research surveyor.

Focus Groups

Are guided conversations that are used to motivate group interaction. This process obtains possible ideas or solutions to a marketing problem.

Group Interviews

An important tool used by researchers to gather information similar to a focus group. However, this method is more structured with less emphasis on group interaction.

Telephone Surveys

Widely used by researchers to gather information and data generally provide a higher response rate than other research methods. This method is best used for large sample sizes.

Mail and Electronic Surveys

Involve developing questionnaires that are delivered to potential study participants who complete them.

Strategic Management Analysis

(SWOT) the acronym SWOT is derived from Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is used for analyzing firm’s internal strengths and weaknesses; as well as to analyze firm’s external environmental opportunities and threats.

All of these services can be used to help develop a customized plan for your company’s needs.