Fall 2023 BSU Today Conference

TLC Presents BSU Today! Coffeehouse-Stye (August 16, 2023)


Spring 2023 Start-Up Showcase

TLC Presents the Spring Startup Showcase (Jan. 5, 2023)
Video Sessions

Spring 2022 Start-Up Showcase

TLC Presents Equity in Learning Showcase (Jan. 6, 2022)

Fall 2021 Start-Up Showcase

TLC Showcase (August 2021)

Fall 2020 BSU Today Conference

TLC Presents Virtual BSU Today 2020! (Aug. 19, 2020)

Fall 2020 Start-Up Showcase

TLC Showcase (August 2020)


Pragmatic Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Classroom

Spring 2020 Start-Up Showcase

TLC Showcase (Jaunary 9, 2020)

Spring 2019 Start-Up Showcase

January 9, 2019 Donna Pawlowski: Apathy to Productivity

TLC Showcase (Jaunary 10, 2019): Video Sessions

  • Kathryn Klement, “Talking About Difficult topics”:  Video, Power Point
  • Kari Wood, “Remote Proctor NOW”: Video,Power Point
  • Katie L. Peterson, “Notes with Gaps”:  Video,Power Point
  • Chuck MacLean, “Incorporating Emergent Exercises”:  Video,Power Point
  • Debbie Guelda, “Techniques to Build Rapport in Your Classroom”:  Video, Power Point
  • Sue Rickers “Panopto-Integration for On-Campus and Online Courses”: Video
  • Dan Alloso, “Course Packs and OER Textbooks”:  Video
  • Andy Arsham, “Using OneNote Class Notebooks for Teaching and Undergraduate Research”:  Video
  • Dave Massaglia, “Panopto and the Flipped Classroom”:  Video
  • Mary Overlie, “Competency-Based Grading: Protect Your Time While Empowering Students”: Video
  • Debbie Guelda: Exam Wrap Up