Leadership Development

Bemidji State offers many opportunities for leadership development, including residence halls, student employment, student organizations, class projects, and activities in the Bemidji region.

This is not an exhaustive list of the many ventures that are available to BSU students. For those who do become involved, on or off campus, the Student Development Transcript is a tool designed to help students keep track of their organizations and engagements. Stop by the Leadership Center to discover more ways to enhance your leadership development!

Student Development Transcript

SDT Guide

What is it

The Student Development Transcript is a student self-reported document, with verification by an advisor or supervisor, listing various types of developmental activities while enrolled at Bemidji State.

How do you access it

  1. Log into myBSU.
  2. On left-hand column (where one would find e-services)  click on BeaverLink.
  3. From the BeaverLink home page, students will click the “My Involvement” drop-down menu in the top green header.
  4. This drop-down menu has many options for students to add to their development transcript, such as “experiences”, “service hours” and “memberships.”
  5. When students are a member of a club on BeaverLink, that will automatically show up on their development transcript as well as any documented and approved service hours they record on BeaverLink.
  6. To see what the “official” student development transcript looks like as well as to print or create a pdf, the student should click on the “transcript” link in that same drop-down menu.