As an academic discipline, Philosophy can be defined as the systematic, reflective, critical, primarily reason-bound inquiry into the basic assumptions and guiding beliefs that people use to make sense of any dimension of their lives.

Even if they rarely spell them out, most people have some grounding beliefs about what is most important to them, how they know what they think they know, what is real, and how they think we ought to treat one another. These concerns are also the stuff of rigorous analysis, speculation, and debate among philosophers.

The subject matter of Philosophy thus is distinctive because of its breadth, and its boundaries are determined solely by the individual philosopher’s own interests and curiosity. The primary methodology of the discipline also then can be summed up as the critical analysis of beliefs and their justifications, that is, the determination of the plausibility, reasonableness, and logical consistency of particular beliefs and the reasons offered on their behalf.

BSU offers a minor in Philosophy.