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Evaluated December 2021

This module creates a framework in which students are to create functions for advertisements that are to be located on a social media platform. It is a programming exercise in using conditionals. It is an introductory level programming assignment for either a Computer Science 0 or Computer Science I course that can be used as a lab or an assignment as a replacement for a similar assignment.

This module covers material in Software Development Fundamentals/Algorithms and Design and Software Development Fundamentals/Fundamental Programming Concepts.

The assignment provides students with an introduction to gathering data and creating functions. An instructor using this module for responsible computing, will need to create background on interpreting social class, gender or age information for students as they are making determinations about next steps. Instructors adopting this module can help students by giving them additional details on ethical issues and media use, so that as they are developing the functions, they may assess the viability of various approaches.

An instructor adopting this module will find the overall framework of the problems an acceptable outline for determining how to assess student work. A rubric will need to be created to assess both the technical aspects of the module and the successful interpretation of social and ethical elements.

The evaluation of this module was led by Judy Goldsmith and Colleen Greer as part of the Mozilla Foundation Responsible Computer Science Challenge. Patrick Anderson, Emanuelle Burton, Darakhshan Mir, Jaye Nias, Evan Peck and Marty J. Wolf also made contributions. These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.