Samantha Johnson

About Sammy

Hello, my name is Samantha Johnson, I am from White Bear Lake, Minnesota. I am a senior at BSU’s TADD program. I will be graduating this spring with a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, and a minor in Studio Arts. I have found a passion for sewing and have started to develop my own brand, starting my own Etsy store, and selling my work there. It came to be so successful that I had to temporarily turn it off to focus on my school work. I want to expand my own brand using my graphic design skills. I see myself making my own patterns and selling them online as well as developing my own personal website with all of my sewing work.

Presentation Description

For my presentation, I will be showcasing my most recent projects. For my first project, I will showcase my branding for my own business I use for my Etsy Store and Instagram. My second project will showcase my own pattern work. A design that I made from scratch and turned into my own creation.

Student Portfolio Presentation
  • Location: BN 201
  • Second Session: 1:50-2:30 PM
  • Zoom Link: 975 3629 7062
Presentation Reviewers
  • Amanda Lembke
  • Casey Baron
  • Aric Furfaro

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