Founded in 1994, Minnesota Campus Compact’s mission is to support our member colleges and universities as they fulfill the public purpose that is at the heart of higher education. MNCC partners with institutions to assist in prioritizing what matters most and to adapt to changing times in ways that allow us to continue to have a positive impact in our communities and on the world.   


Goals for Our Team:

  • Build our capacity to effectively integrate equity and anti-racist practices into our work
  • Support a culture of caring and belonging on our team and the ability to live out our mission

Goals for Our Network:

  • Create space for self-reflection and learning
  • Promote and compensate BIPOC, disabled, LGBTQ, and otherwise minoritized voices and plan events focused on building capacity for anti-racist action, decenter whiteness, and decolonize knowledge sharing
  • Provide guides, tools and support on embedding and centering equity across the civic mission
  • Put the safety, belonging, and growth of the people we work with first creating intentionally accessible, inclusive, and relevant events

Goals for Our Programs:

  • Target support to under-resourced campuses and communities
  • Work to ensure partnerships are co-created and equitable
  • Design and redesign student programming WITH students of color and first-generation students
  • Fund and support low-income, especially BIPOC and first-generation, low-income student leadership and co-creation with community partners
  • Center stories and experiences that challenge dominant and exclusionary ideas about the civic mission and higher education


A key step for any organization in changing its culture and practice is to examine the values underlying it and intentionally set forth and hold ourselves accountable to values that promote the vision of the world we want to create.

  • We embrace difference and complexity.
  • We prioritize rigorous learning and reflection.
  • We work to achieve full participation.
  • We lean in to change.

 For more information, visit Minnesota Campus Compact.