Faculty & Staff523 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Abushanab, ChadAssistant Professor of EnglishEnglish, Department of
Adams, Dr JulieA.C. Clark Library 234#28(218) 755-4219Management Analyst 3eLearning/Desire2Learn (D2L)
Adams, Dr. ErikaBensen Hall 325(218) 755-4615Assessment Research AnalystProfessional Education, Department of
Al Saleem, Dr. JafarMemorial Hall 165#30(218) 755-2515Assistant ProfessorAccountancy, Department of
Al-Odeh, Dr. MahmoudBridgeman Hall 229#34(218) 755-4223ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Alabsi, Dr. HamdanMemorial Hall 159#30(218) 755-2119Assistant Professor of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration, Department of
Albers, PhilipHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2886Stationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Allery, AaronAssociate Director, TRIO an Upward Bound
Allosso, Dr. DanBangsberg Hall 104#16(218) 755-2806Assistant Professor of HistoryHistory
Ambikar, Dr. RuchaSattgast Hall 215 D#27(218) 755-2540Assistant ProfessorSociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Anderson, JustineDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4005Graduation EvaluatorRecords & Registration
Anderson, ShawnCentral Maintenance Building#1(218) 755-2885Central Svcs Admin SpecLogistics
Anderson, Dr. SiriDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 308-3175Associate ProfessorDLiTE (PEDL)
Anspach, RuthDecker Hall 235(218) 755-4226Test Proctor CoordinatorAdvising Success Center
Arabaci, MuratAssistant Professor of Business Administration
Arsham, Dr. AndrewSattgast Hall(763) 488-0426Assistant ProfessorBiology, Department of
Augustine, ShariSattgast Hall 347#27(218) 755-2920Academic Support SpecialistArts, Education and Humanities, College of
Ausk, TerryOak Hall#33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Backer, DianeDeputy Hall 302 A#3(218) 755-2017Executive AssistantPresident
Baez, Dr. M.Bensen Hall 407(218) 755-2870Assistant Professor of Counseling/Clinical PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Bahr, BrettDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2599Director of Alumni Relations
Bahr, SadieBensen Hall 224#15(218) 755-3729Nursing Clinical CoordinatorNursing, Department of
Bailey-Johnson, ErikaHobson Memorial Union#31(218) 755-2560Sustainability CoordinatorSustainability
Baird, Dr. TimothyAssistant Professor of Communication Studies
Baird, Mr. BenjaminPhysical Education Complex 242#29(218) 755-2941Assistant Track & Field CoachAthletics
Bakken, Dr VirgilDeputy Hall 244#40(218) 755-3370ProfessorIntegrated Media, Department of
Ball, Mr. LeslieChief Engineer
Bannor, HollyPhysical Education Complex(218) 755-2940Administrative Assistant Gillett Wellness Center/HPSHGillett Wellness Center
Bannor, MitchellCentral Maintenance Building#1(218) 755-2060General Repair WorkerPhysical Plant
Bard, StephanieDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-2263Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Barnes, TravisDeputy Hall 348#1(218) 755-3988Director of FacilitiesPhysical Plant
Barron, Dr. HillarySattgast Hall 218FAssistant Professor of BiologyBiology, Department of
Bartels, TravisTamarack Hall#33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Bartels, Custodian TannerBridgeman Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Bartlett, AndyDeputy Hall 323#2(218) 755-2746Executive Dir Comm and MarketingCommunications & Marketing
Baumann, JenniferAlumni House#17(218) 755-2778Account Clerk SrBSU Foundation
Beck, Mrs. SandraBangsberg Hall 127#1(218) 755-2062Building Services ManagerPhysical Plant
Beckstrom, RonDeputy Hall 202H#5(218) 755-2743Director of Business ServicesBusiness Services
Bedford, Dr. AllenDeputy Hall 305#3(218) 755-3999Provost and Vice President for Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs
Beech, Dr. ThomasSattgast Hall 215 G#27(218) 755-3964ProfessorPolitical Science, Department of
Bell, JeffreyDean of the College of Individual and Community He
Bellew, TimPhysical Education Complex 209#29(218) 755-4108Assistant Director of Athletic FacilitiesAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Bellig, LeslieDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2045Head Cashier
Bensen, Dr. M. JamesDavid Park House#17(218) 755-4215President Emeritus
Berg, AdamArea DirectorHousing & Residential Life
Besch, RyanElectricianPhysical Plant
Biehn, DuanePhysical Education Complex 221#29(218) 755-4140Assoc Director of Campus RecreationGillett Wellness Center
Bisch, JamisonDecker Hall 118#19(218) 755-2512Assistant Football CoachAthletics
Bitter, KalliAdmissions RepresentativeAdmissions
Blake, ChadHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2061PlumberPhysical Plant
Blessing, Mr MitchellBridgeman Hall 235#34(218) 755-2286Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Bobrowski, SarahAssistant Women's Hockey Coach
Bobrowsky, TammyA.C. Clark Library 304 C#28(218) 755-4110Collection Development and Electronic ResourcesLibrary & Library Services
Bock, MarieDeputy Hall 205#10(218) 755-2250IT Infrastructure and Development SupervisorInformation Technology Services
Boe, CindyAssistant Director Career ServicesCareer Services
Boes, MarciCedar Apartments 114#42(218) 755-2053Admin Assistant, Student Center for Health & CounselingHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Bolte, BrentDecker Hall 121#19(218) 755-2768Assistant ProfessorAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Boschee, MichaelPhysical Education Complex 225#29(218) 755-2774Head Men's Basketball CoachAthletics
Boudry, Dr. ValicaDeputy Hall 246#40(218) 755-3904ProfessorIntegrated Media, Department of
Bowyer, Dr. JamesBangsberg Hall 369#16(218) 755-3361Associate Professor of MusicMusic, Department of
Boyles, CollinPhysical Education Complex 215#29(218) 755-4603Interim Associate Director for External RelationsAthletic Media Relations
Bozich, KatelynnBensen Hall 326#356(218) 755-3779Assistant Director of Clinical ExperienceProfessional Education, Department of
Brandt, Dr CamilleBensen Hall 337#35(218) 755-2934Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Breczinski, ChristianDecker Hall 202(218) 755-3883Associate Director of Accessibility ServicesAccessibility Services
Brockman, Dr. TimBridgeman Hall 227#34(218) 755-4128ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Bronczyk, JamesHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2886Plant Maintenance EngineerPhysical Plant
Brower, SheldonDeputy Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Brower, StanleyGroundskeeper
Brown, JulieWalnut Hall#33(218) 444-7576Food Service Director, BSU Dining Services
Brue, AshleyCedar Apartments 128A#39(218) 308-2482Technical Analyst, MnSCU System Office ITS
Burlage, GregoryGroundskeeper
Burlage, LisaTemporary Nursing Lab AssistantNursing, Department of
Butler, BarbaraHobson Memorial Union#31(218) 755-3761Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateHobson Memorial Union
Campbell, ShawnDeputy Hall 268#40(218) 755-4127Audio Visual TechIntegrated Media, Department of
Carew, AlexanderPhysical Education Complex 212#29(218) 755-2142Associate Athletic Director - Athletic ComplianceAthletics
Carlson, MaryDeputy Hall 111#13(218) 755-3877Office & Administrative Specialist-IntermediateInternational Program Center
Carlson, StephanieAdmissions Representative
Carlson, Dr. AnnaSattgast Hall 128#27(218) 755-2801Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental Studies
Carlson, Dr. StephenBangsberg Hall 337#16(218) 755-3997ProfessorMusic, Department of
Carlson, Mr. EricBridgeman Hall 232#34Assistant Professor of Technology, Art & DesignTechnology, Art & Design
Carter, JessicaAdjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Carver Smith, KimberlyAlumni House#17(218) 755-2143Gift Processing SpecialistRecords & Registration
Chalmers, IsaiahMemorial Hall 311#48(218) 755-2027Admin Assistant to the Director of Graduate StudiesGraduate Studies, School of
Charwood, AshleyBensen Hall 421#35(218) 755-2836Assistant ProfessorSocial Work, Department of
Chesley, AmandaBensen Hall 324(218) 755-3747Assistant Director, Accreditation & AssessmentProfessional Education, Department of
Chowdhury, Dr. NusratBridgeman Hall 247#34(218) 755-2954Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Christensen, Dr. MarkHagg-Sauer Hall 302#23(218) 755-3356Professor of EnglishEnglish, Department of
Christiansen, TylerPhysical Education Complex#29Sports Media OfficerAthletic Media Relations
Christianson, JoshuaDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2876Executive Director of University AdvancementBSU Foundation
Christofferson, KelseyWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3750Office and Administrative Specialist-IntermediateHousing & Residential Life
Cirks, KristinaDecker Hall 243#19(218) 755-2559TRIO McNair Associate DirectorTRIO/Student Support Services
Clark, AngieDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2851Summer Program DirectorCenter for Extended Learning
Clausen, SamanthaCedar Apartments 125A#42(218) 755-2024Case ManagerHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Coan, Ms. AngelaDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2068Customer Service Specialist IntermediateCenter for Extended Learning
Coggins, Dr. PorterBensen Hall 344#35(218) 755-2720ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Cold, BenjaminBangsberg Hall 201#16(218) 755-2915Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Cole, Dr. LaynaBensen Hall 343#35(218) 755-4046Associate ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Columbus, MelissaDeputy Hall 205B#10(218) 755-3399ITS 3/Server ManagerInformation Technology Services
Cook, Dr. ChristyAssociate ProfessorNursing, Department of
Cornell, DebraDeputy Hall 205#10(218) 755-4605ITS 3/Server ManagerInformation Technology Services
Corradi, ChristopherAlumni House#17(218) 755-4145Director of FinanceBSU Foundation
Cowan, Dr. TriciaBensen Hall 109 E#15(218) 755-2148Associate ProfessorNursing, Department of
Cronin, Dr. SarahBensen Hall 406#35(218) 755-2884Assistant Professor of PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Dahl, DawnBensen Hall 329#35(218) 755-2930Clinical Experience Office Manager
Dahlgren, BeverlySattgast Hall 215C#27(218) 755-3875Ctrl Svcs Admin Spec, Int.Business, Mathematics and Sciences, College of
Dahlke, RussellDeputy Hall 340#24(218) 755-2031Research AnalystInstitutional Research and Effectiveness
Dahlke, ToriDecker Hall 226#44(218) 755-2094Student Success AdvisorAdvising Success Center
Dahly, AndreaAssociate Director of Athletics, Compliance
Danielson, DanaDeputy Hall 201#5(218) 755-2044Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services
Davis, JamesGillett Recreation-Fitness Center#29(218) 755-4135General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Day, DaxAmerican Indian Resource Center#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Deel, ColleenA.C. Clark Library 304 E#28(218) 755-3339Assistant ProfessorLibrary & Library Services
Deering, LoriMemorial Hall 123#30(218) 755-2193Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAccountancy, Department of, Business Administration, Department of
DeVille, ChelseaHead Women's Baskball CoachAthletics
Dill, TracyPhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-4022Director of AthleticsAthletics
Dirth, Dr. ThomasBensen Hall 401#35(218) 755-2945Assistant Professor of PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Donnay, Dr. PatrickSattgast Hall 215J#27(218) 755-3899ProfessorPolitical Science, Department of
Dorn, LauraPolitical Science AdjunctPolitical Science, Department of
Downwind, ChrissyAmerican Indian Resource Center 110A#21(218) 755-2141Executive Director, American Indian Resource CenterAmerican Indian Resource Center
Dreyer, DaleSattgast Hall 356(218) 755-2780College Lab SpecialistChemistry, Department of
Duke, ChristopherGeneral Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Duke, ShaunAssistant ProfessorEnglish, Department of
DuMarce, CraigDeputy Hall 165#26(218) 755-3777ITS 3 Computer Labs Tech SupportInformation Technology Services
Duncan, Mr. SethLinden Hall#33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Dunn, AdrianDavid Park House#17(218) 755-4039Advancement Officer
Durgan, Dr. JessicaBangsberg Hall 204#16(218) 755-2812Associate ProfessorEnglish, Department of
Easterling, Dr. AspenBensen Hall 323#35(218) 755-3781Advising Coordinator for Professional EducationProfessional Education, Department of
Eastman, Ms. MariaA.C. Clark Library 310(218) 755-4111Library TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Ebbighausen, AaronWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3888Campus Security SupervisorPublic Safety
Eckstein, TheresaDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-3777Technology Support SupervisorInformation Technology Services
Eckstrom, RuthAssistant Professor of Nursing
Eibes, ThomasAssistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Eischens, JoscelinTamarack Hall(218) 755-2131Area Director
Elhard, MatteaBangsberg Hall 305#16(218) 755-3352Office & Administrative Specialist Music, English, HumanitiesEnglish, Department of, History, Humanities Program
Ellis, Dr. JohnBangsberg Hall 103#16(218) 755-4355Associate ProfessorHistory
Ellison, BrittanyMedical TechnologistHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Ellison, Dr. SeasonA.C. Clark Library 229#28(218) 755-3355Associate ProfessorHistory
Enfield, JustinBirch Hall#33(218) 755-3755General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Engesather, KrisOffsite(218) 755-3777Senior Software Development, Integration & Programming LeadInformation Technology Services
Erickson, JacobAssistant Professor of Human Performance, Sport & Health
Erickson, Mirlande C252A(763) 433-1484Program Manager for Extended LearningProfessional Education, Department of
Erickson, RosanneDeputy Hall 345#1(218) 755-2531Administrative SpecialistInformation Technology Services
Erickson, TammyBensen Hall 337#35(218) 755-2934Office & Admin Spec- Prof Ed/Humanities/Languages/Indigenous StudiesArts, Education and Humanities, College of
Everhart, Mr. JeffreyMemorial Hall 131#30(218) 755-3873Assistant ProfessorAccountancy, Department of
Fear, MistySattgast Hall 321#27(218) 755-3732Admin Assistant to the Dean of BMSBusiness, Mathematics and Sciences, College of
Fisher, KimDeputy Hall 102(218) 755-2555Assistant Director of Admissions/PSEO CoordinatorAdmissions
Fisher, Dr. DennisAssistant Professor of Indigenous Studies
Fiskevold Gould, GweniaDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2122Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Fitzgerald, RebekahDecker Hall 246(218) 755-2093Upward Bound AdvisorTRIO/Upward Bound
Folkestad, Mr. BradleyDeputy Hall 104(218) 755-2345Assistant Director of Admissions-Marketing SpecialistAthletic Media Relations
Forsyth, Dr. EricPhysical Education Complex 224#29(218) 755-2083ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Fournier, Dr. AngelaBensen Hall 403#35(218) 755-2530ProfessorPsychology, Department of
Fraik, JenniferCedar Apartments 119#42(218) 755-2053Nurse PractitionerHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Fraik, RobertBensen Hall 312#35(218) 755-2301Assistant ProfessorCriminal Justice: Police Science and Leadership, Department of
Frauenholtz, Dr. ToddSattgast Hall 207G#27(218) 755-2817ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Fredrickson, Dr. JoannMemorial Hall 167#30(218) 755-2755ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Frenzel, Mr ChadStationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Frost, Dr. DeanMemorial Hall 138#30(218) 755-3709ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Fryklund, Dr. AmberPhysical Education Complex 214#29(218) 755-2771Associate Head Women's Hockey CoachHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Fulton, Dr. MarkSattgast Hall 218E#27(218) 755-2787ProfessorBiology, Department of
Funk, Dr. AmyAssistant Professor of NursingNursing, Department of
Gallagher, Dr. FultonBangsberg Hall 368#16(218) 755-4253Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Gartner, AmandaCedar Apartments 127(218) 755-2874Mental Health ProfessionalHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Gaston, Mr. GregBangsberg Hall 360#16(218) 755-2398Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Geiger, MarkWalnut Hall#33(218) 368-6455General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Giauque, Ms. MargieDecker Hall 212#18(218) 755-2038Director of Career ServicesCareer Services
Gibbon, MaureenBangsberg Hall 205(218) 755-4021ProfessorEnglish, Department of
Gibbons, MichaelAssistant Mens Hocky CoachAthletics
Gitz, BrentPhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-2941Athletic Equipment ManagerHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Glade, KamdenSattgast Hall 153(218) 755-2877Fisheries Specialist
Goeltl, DavidBangsberg Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenancec Worker
Goliaszewski, LauraBridgeman Hall 303#34(218) 755-3737Art Gallery DirectorTechnology, Art & Design
Gonzalez, Dr. JohnBensen Hall 405#35(218) 755-2881Professor of PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Goodwin, Dr. TimothyOffsite#35(218) 308-0780Associate ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Goplin, ErikCentral Maintenance Building#1(218) 755-2060CarpenterPhysical Plant
Gora, Dr KeithBensen Hall 402#35(218) 755-2882Associate ProfessorPsychology, Department of
Gourneau, KimDeputy Hall 101A(218) 755-3948RegistrarRecords & Registration
Graham, Mr AndrewBridgeman Hall 248#34(218) 755-2953Assistant Professor, TADDTechnology, Art & Design
Grandison, Dr. EgyptMemorial Hall 153(218) 755-3987Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Graves, WilliamMemorial Hall 160#30(218) 755-3714Assistant Professor, Department ChairAccountancy, Department of
Gray, LeviDeputy Hall 204#5(218) 755-2776Inventory SpecialistBusiness Services
Gray, RonaldTAD Adjunct
Greene, TravisDeputy Hall 311(218) 755-2075Vice President, Student Life & SuccessStudent Life & Success
Greer, Dr. ColleenSattgast Hall 215 F#27(218) 755-2829ProfessorSociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Greife, Dr. MatthewBensen Hall 226(218) 755-4001Assistant Professor of Crimiinal JusticeCommunity and Criminal Justice Studies
Grimm, SusanDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2021Campus Visits CoordinatorAdmissions
Gubrud, LisaDecker Hall 210#18(218) 755-2405Administrative Analysis SpecialistCareer Services
Guelda, Dr. DebbieSattgast Hall 218-G#27(218) 755-2786Professor of BiologyBiology, Department of
Guentchev, Dr. DanielBangsberg Hall 107#16(218) 755-3351Associate ProfessorPhilosophy
Guest, EmilyDeputy Hall 203#5(218) 755-2046Accounting OfficerBusiness Services
Guidry, HeatherBangsberg Hall 370Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Guidry, ScottBangsberg Hall 359#16(218) 755-3365Associate ProfessorMusic, Department of
Gullickson, RobinDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4248Assistant Registrar-Curriculum CoordinatorRecords & Registration
Gunawardana, Dr LakshikaAssistant Professor of Mathematics
Gustafson, EricBangsberg Hall 325#16(218) 755-2918Music Adjunct (Accompanist)Music, Department of
Hafs, Dr. AndrewSattgast Hall 218A#27(218) 755-2789ProfessorBiology, Department of
Hagen, KodyOffsite(218) 755-3777ITS 3/Lead Web DeveloperInformation Technology Services
Haley, ChristopherDeputy Hall 210#mail(218) 755-3921Office Services Supervisor 1Logistics
Halvorson, AngelaAssistant Professor of Nursing
Hamann, Dr. MichaelSattgast Hall 218M#27(218) 755-2798ProfessorBiology, Department of
Hamrick, Dr. StephenProfessorEnglish, Department of
Hansen, JimFacilities Building and Maintenance Supervisor
Hansen, TrishaBensen Hall 306#35(218) 755-3748Instructor of Criminal Justice
Hansen, Dr. HeidiSattgast Hall 207J#27(218) 755-2820ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Hanson, MattBensen Hall 130(218) 755-2793Grant CoordinatorNursing, Department of
Hanson, TeresaDeputy Hall 331#8(218) 755-2501Staffing SpecialistHuman Resources
Harris, ChristineBensen Hall 416A#35(218) 755-2079Office and Administrative SpecialistIndividual and Community Health, College of
Haugen, AshleighDeputy Hall 329#8(218) 755-2084Assistant Human Resources DirectorHuman Resources
Haugen, DanelleCampus Security Officer
Haugen, NancyDecker Hall 214#18(218) 755-2038Associate Director of Career ServicesCareer Services
Haus, Dr. JacobSattgast Hall 218L#27(218) 755-4372Assistant Professor of BiologyBiology, Department of
Hegg, MonteDeputy Hall 204#5(218) 755-2903Grants OfficerBusiness Services
Heitkamp, JoelAdjunct InstructorProfessional Education, Department of
Hellmann Whitaker, Dr. RachelAssociate Professor of ChemistryChemistry, Department of
Hemstock, Mr. RussellDeputy Hall 207 C#10(218) 755-2112ITS 3/Server ManagerInformation Technology Services
Hendricks, StephanieAmerican Indian Resource Center 109#21(218) 755-2032Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateAmerican Indian Resource Center
Hensley, LeAnnSattgast Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Hensrud, Dr. FaithDeputy Hall 304#3(218) 755-2011President
Herbert, MallaryDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2731Office and Administrative SpecialistAdmissions
Herbert, Dr MichaelBensen Hall 303#35(218) 755-4049ProfessorCriminal Justice: Police Science and Leadership, Department of
Herbert, Mr. MichaelCriminal Justice Adjunct
Herr, JulieDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-3337Customer Service Specialist IntermediateRecords & Registration
Hess, CarolDeputy Hall 351#8(218) 755-2445Compensation & Benefit SpecialistPayroll, Human Resources
Hess, MorganBridgeman Hall 311#34(218) 755-2294ELCB Instructor
Heuton, HillaryDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-3777Helpdesk SpecialistInformation Technology Services
Higgins, Dr. BonnieBridgeman Hall 248#34(218) 755-3790ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Hiller, LainieSattgast Hall 334#25(218) 755-3780Assistant to the BSUFA President
Hiller, Dr. BrianSattgast Hall 218 I#27(218) 755-2212ProfessorBiology, Department of
Hodgson, BeverlyDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4214Associate RegistrarRecords & Registration
Hoffman, Dr. RebeccaBensen Hall 419#35(218) 755-2837Associate ProfessorSocial Work, Department of
Hofstad, LisaDavid Park House#17(218) 755-4147Director of Advancement Operations
Holloway, Ms. SherryPhysical Education Complex 208#29(218) 755-2223FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Hommes, Dr. TiffanyBensen Hall 109#15(218) 755-2526ProfessorNursing, Department of
Hong, Dr. YeHobson Memorial Union 256#31(218) 755-3773Director of Diversity, Equity, and InclusionDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Hoven, KierstinGillett Recreation-Fitness Center 221#29(218) 755-4135Director of Campus RecreationGillett Wellness Center
Hovland, DebDeputy Hall 203#5(218) 755-2039Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services
Hovland, KennethHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2061ElectricianPhysical Plant
Hsih, ChristineA.C. Clark Library 311(218) 755-3341Acquisitions and Serials TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Humphrey, AnnAmerican Indian Resource Center 109A(218) 755-3353Associate Director for RetentionAmerican Indian Resource Center
Huschle, KimberlyGeneral Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Ingalls, BrianCentral Maintenance Building#1(218) 755-2060CarpenterPhysical Plant
Isaacson, Dr. CarlSattgast Hall 109#27(218) 755-4104Associate ProfessorEnvironmental Studies
Iseman, MichaelAssistant Men's Basketball CoachAthletics
Jacobson, ShereeDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2088Customer Service SpecialistCashiers
Jambor, BrianA.C. Clark Library 231#28(218) 755-2056ITS 3/Educational TechnologisteLearning/Desire2Learn (D2L)
Jensen, BethA.C. Clark Library 233#28(218) 755-4217Management Analyst 3eLearning/Desire2Learn (D2L)
Jensen, ShaneDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-2103IT Specialist/HelpdeskInformation Technology Services
Jergenson, Dr. StacieBensen Hall 227#35(218) 755-3758Associate ProfessorCommunity and Criminal Justice Studies
Jilek, Dr. DwightBangsberg Hall 347#16(218) 755-2855Associate ProfessorMusic, Department of
Johnson, JenniferSattgast Hall 320#27(218) 755-2259Admin Assistant to the Dean of CICHIndividual and Community Health, College of
Johnson, LynnDeputy Hall D105B#4(218) 755-2068Director of Distance LearningCenter for Extended Learning
Johnson, NicoleAssistant Professor of Nursing
Johnson, NinaHobson Memorial Union#31(218) 755-3766Director of Hobson UnionHobson Memorial Union
Johnson, Mr ZacharyDecker Hall 218#44(218) 755-2226Director of Advising Success CenterAdvising Success Center
Jones, LisaDeputy Hall 204#5(218) 755-2898Financial Accounting SupervisorBusiness Services
Jones, Dr DennisAssociate Professor of Indigenous Studies
Jones, Dr. SamanthaSattgast Hall 122#27(218) 755-3946Assistant ProfessorGeography, Department of
Jordan, ErrinDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2177Admissions RepresentativeAdmissions
Jorstad, Ms CassandraHagg-Sauer Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Josefson, SachelBridgeman Hall#34(218) 755-2949Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Joyce, Dr BillMemorial Hall 163#30(218) 755-2858Associate ProfessorAccountancy, Department of
Kaiser, Mr. JosephSattgast Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Kantack Miller, KariAlumni House#17(218) 755-2827Director of Annual Giving, Athletics
Karger, BrodieDeputy Hall 205C#10(218) 755-2033ITS 2/Tech Support AnalystInformation Technology Services
Karger, Mr. BonnerDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2174Director of Transfer OperationsCenter for Extended Learning
Kern, ArthurDecker Hall#33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Keute, CaitlinDecker Hall#19(218) 755-3334Upward BoundTRIO/Upward Bound
Kingery, Ms. MurielHobson Memorial Union 257#31(218) 755-2713Associate Director, Hobson Memorial UnionHobson Memorial Union
Kippenhan, Dr. ChristelPhysical Education Complex 219#29(218) 755-2076ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Kivi, Dr. PaulSattgast Hall 108#27(218) 755-4106Assistant ProfessorEconomics, Environmental Studies
Klander, JustinDavid Park House#17(651) 587-7481Advancement Officer, Twin Cities
Klement, Dr. KatBensen Hall 410#35(218) 755-2848Assistant ProfessorPsychology, Department of
Knott, JodiDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-4143Assistant Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Koch, Dr. RichardSattgast Hall 218 K#27(218) 755-2795ProfessorBiology, Department of
Korman, MichaelPhysical Education Complex 217#29(218) 755-2325Assistant Soccer CoachAthletics
Kostrzewski, DianaSattgast Hall(218) 755-2101Associate Dean of Nursing
Kovarik, Dr. AngieMemorial Hall 137#30(218) 755-4225Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Krall, LisaBensen Hall#35Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Kroger, JamesAssistant Professor of Accountancy
Krueger, HeidiAssistant Athletic TrainerAthletics
Kruse, MikeHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2611Electronics Technician SeniorPhysical Plant
Kuechle, LoralynWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3751Assoc Director of Residential LifeHousing & Residential Life
La Venture, Dr. KellyMemorial Hall 132#30(218) 755-4404Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
LaFerriere, Dr. HollySattgast Hall 218 N#27(218) 755-2946Associate ProfessorBiology, Department of
Laffin, AmberBensen Hall 313#35(218) 755-3767Assistant ProfessorCriminal Justice: Police Science and Leadership, Department of
LaFriniere, TeresaBridgeman Hall 306#34(218) 755-2506Director of Academic StaffTechnology, Art & Design
Lama, Dr. PrabinBangsberg Hall 206#16(218) 755-2165Assistant Professor of EnglishEnglish, Department of
Lanners, Mrs, JeanDeputy Hall 346#1(218) 755-2012Office and Administrative Specialist PrincipalFinance & Administration
Larson, Dr JulieSattgast Hall 377A#27(218) 755-2791ProfessorChemistry, Department of
Larson, Dr KateBensen Hall 409#35(218) 755-2803Associate ProfessorPsychology, Department of
Larson, Mr. LorenStationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Lauritsen, BrittanyAthletic Director
Lawdermilt, Dr. SherryDeputy Hall 347#1(218) 755-2832Chief Information OfficerInformation Technology Services
Lawrence, Dr. MarkSattgast Hall 124 A#27(218) 755-2921ProfessorGeography, Department of
Lee, MichaelDeputy Hall 312#2(218) 755-2747Graphic Design & Publications SpecialistCommunications & Marketing
Leeport, PatrickA.C. Clark Library 325#28(218) 755-2957Library Services Asst ProfessorLibrary & Library Services
Leffelman, JeremyBridgeman Hall 238#34(218) 755-4222Executive DirectorMinnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Leif, Mr. DouglasMemorial Hall 133#30(218) 755-2754ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Lengefeld, Dr. MichaelAssistant Professor of Sociology
Leuthard, MaryA.C. Clark Library#28(218) 755-2968Library TechnicianLibrary & Library Services
Li, JoDeputy Hall 111#13(218) 755-2400Northstar Visiting Scholars CoordInternational Program Center
Licata, Dr. JulianDeputy Hall 342#24(218) 755-4606Interim Director of Institutional ResearchInstitutional Research and Effectiveness
Lillestol, JanneBensen Hall 332#35(218) 755-3741Adjunct InstructorProfessional Education, Department of
Livingston, Dr ColleenSattgast Hall 207 L#27(218) 755-2843ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Longie, Ms. AmandaBensen Hall 421#35(218) 755-2058Assistant Professor of Social WorkSocial Work, Department of
Lopez-Aguilera, Dr. AnaBensen Hall 332#35(218) 755-2809Assistant Professor of SpanishLanguages and Indigenous Studies, Department of
Lor, MaiOffsite(218) 755-3777Programmer/AnalystInformation Technology Services
Lowery, NickBridgeman Hall 236#34(218) 755-2997OASIMinnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Lowery, Dr. HilaryBangsberg Hall 325#16(218) 755-3931Assistant Professor of MusicMusic, Department of
Lubke, Dr. MargaretBensen Hall 336(218) 755-4613Associate ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Ludeman, Dr. RandyWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3750Interim Dean of StudentsHousing & Residential Life
Luecken, AshleyHuman Resources Specialist
Lund, MichaelBridgeman Hall 228(218) 755-2951Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Lund, Dr CarlAssociate Professor of Professional EducationProfessional Education, Department of
Lund, Dr EricSattgast Hall 207 N#27(218) 755-3940Associate ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Lunt, Dr. DennisBangsberg Hall 108#16(218) 755-2737Associate ProfessorPhilosophy, Humanities Program
Lutz, JordanHobson Memorial Union 124#31(218) 755-2979Sustainablity Project ManagerSustainability
Mack, BrendaBensen Hall 420#35(218) 755-4050Assistant ProfessorSocial Work, Department of
Mahmoud, Dr. Prof.Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Manz, EricAssistant Athletic TrainerAthletics
Maple, Dr. MarciBensen Hall 109 L#15(218) 755-4240ProfessorNursing, Department of
Marek, Dr. KeithSattgast Hall 377 B#27(218) 755-2788ProfessorChemistry, Department of
Mason, TaraGrant Coordinator, tempPsychology, Department of
Massaglia, Dr DavidMemorial Hall 166#30(218) 755-2906Assistant ProfessorAccountancy, Department of
McCarthy, CaseyWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3888Director of Public SafetyPublic Safety
McConnell, GeorgeMemorial Hall 312#48(218) 755-2027Director of Graduate ProgramsGraduate Studies, School of
McDermott, Dr. JeanineBensen Hall 109 J#35(218) 755-2524Associate ProfessorNursing, Department of
McDonnell, PeteA.C. Clark Library 304D#28(218) 755-2967Systems and Circulation LibrarianLibrary & Library Services
McLin, MarcusAssistant Football Coach
McManus, Dr. BrendanBangsberg Hall 105#35(218) 755-4124Associate ProfessorHistory
Megorden, Tim#31(218) 751-5326Pastor Lutheran Campus Ministry
Menefee, CarissaDeputy Hall 325(218) 755-3344Associate Director of Comm and MarketingCommunications & Marketing
Meulebroeck, EricBridgeman Hall 226#34(218) 755-3965Technology, Art & Design Lab TechTechnology, Art & Design
Meulebroeck, LyleBridgeman Hall 233#34(218) 755-2733Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Meyer, JaimeeBridgeman Hall 240#34(218) 755-2206Director of Marketing and OutreachMinnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Miles, TiaDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2040CRM AnalystAdmissions
Miller, KenyonTamarack Hall#33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Moen, Mr. RichardCentral Maintenance Building#38(218) 755-2060Building Maintenance SupervisorPhysical Plant
Moldenhauer, DrewAssistant Professor of Criminal Justice, Police Science & Leadership
Morgan, StephanyUpward Bound Advisor
Morrill, ErinDecker Hall 201 A(218) 755-2545University Security CoordinatorEnvironmental Health & Safety
Morrissey, Mr. MarkGillett Recreation-Fitness Center#29(218) 755-3900Assistant Director of Campus Rec Outdoor Prog CtrOutdoor Program Center
Mulry, MikeDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2122Director of Corporate Relations & Strategic Partnerships
Munson, RachelDeputy Hall 325#2(218) 755-2748Acting Interim, Associate Director OCMCommunications & Marketing
Murray, MichaelSattgast Hall 127#27ProfessorEconomics
Narum, DianneA.C. Clark Library 304 F#28(218) 755-3340Cataloging and Government Doc. LibrarianLibrary & Library Services
Nebosis, NikkiWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3404Assistant Director for Administration and MarketingHousing & Residential Life
Nelson, NathanAssistant Football Coach
Nelson, VictoriaDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-4600Admissions RepresentativeAdmissions
Nelson, Mr. PeterMemorial Hall 165#30(218) 755-2753Assistant ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Neville, Dr. FrancoisSattgast Hall 207 C#27(218) 755-2840Assistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Norman, Dr. ShannonPhysical Education Complex 204#29(218) 755-4099Associate ProfessorHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Nummi, JozieAssistant Professor of Sociology
O'Brien, Ms. KathleenHobson Memorial Union#31(218) 755-3763Assistant Director of Hobson UnionHobson Memorial Union
O'Connell, Dr. KathrinaAssistant Professor of Professional EdProfessional Education, Department of
O'Dell, Dr. JennaSattgast Hall 207E#27(218) 755-3943Assistant ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
O'Neil, TaraSattgast Hall 318#27(218) 755-2989Admin Assistant to the DeanArts, Education and Humanities, College of
OBryan, Dr. SoniaBensen Hall 338#35(218) 755-3774Associate ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Olsen, DerekDeputy Hall 161(218) 755-2102Technical Support AnalystInformation Technology Services
Olson, ChingBridgeman Hall 239(218) 755-2948Program SpecialistMinnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Olson, CurtisBangsberg Hall 347#16(218) 755-2855Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Olson, GeriDeputy Hall 161#26(218) 755-2759ITS 3/Classroom Technology ManagerInformation Technology Services
Olson, JenniferBangsberg Hall 349#16Assistant ProfessorMusic, Department of
Olson, JustinPlumberPhysical Plant
Olson, SharonDeputy Hall 203C#5(218) 755-2064Third Party Accounts Receivable ClerkBusiness Services
Oustad, MilesCedar Apartments 129#39(218) 308-2485Systems Architect, MnSCU System Office ITS
Owens, Dr. KjerstinSattgast Hall 218 J#27(218) 755-2916Associate ProfessorBiology, Department of
Pakonen, MelanieDeputy Hall 333#8(218) 755-2500Human Resources Generalist
Palmiscno, TobyPhysical Education Complex 241#60(218) 755-2707Men's/Women's Hockey Equipment ManagerHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Parker, StevenDeputy Hall 211D#3(218) 755-4121Campus Diversity Officer and Title IX CoordinatorDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Paskvan, Mr. RogerDeputy Hall 248#40(218) 755-3903ProfessorIntegrated Media, Department of
Passa, JayCedar Apartments#42(218) 755-2080Health Education CoordinatorHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Pawlowski, Dr. DonnaSattgast Hall 215E#27(218) 755-2487ProfessorSociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Pearlson, KatelynDeputy Hall 204#5(218) 755-2448Financial Reporting Specialist
Pederson, CynthiaDeputy Hall 313#3(218) 755-2380Office and Admin Specialist Sr.Student Life & Success
Perlich, Dr. JohnSattgast Hall 207 K#27(218) 755-2807Associate Professor of Communication StudiesSociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Pesek, JessamayBensen HallAssistant ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Petersen, JordanHead Softball CoachAthletics
Peterson, AaronA.C. Clark Library#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Peterson, Dr KatieSattgast Hall 377 C#27(218) 755-3880Associate Professor of ChemistryChemistry, Department of
Peterson, Dr. DebraSattgast Hall 215#C(218) 755-2900ProfessorSociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Pierce, Dr TaraBensen Hall 109 Q#15(218) 755-2521Assistant ProfessorNursing, Department of
Pike, Karson 120#19(218) 755-2511Assistant Football CoachAthletics
Platt, JamieHobson Memorial Union(218) 444-8509Bookstore Manager
Plotts, MichelleUpward Bound Advisor
Pula, ScottWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3888Campus Security OfficerPublic Safety
Quandt, Dr BobSattgast Hall 377 D#27(218) 755-2792ProfessorChemistry, Department of
Rave, Dr. ElizabethSattgast Hall 218C#27(218) 755-2785ProfessorBiology, Department of
Raveling, JasonOffsite(218) 755-7572Web DeveloperInformation Technology Services
Razo, ColtonAssistant Strength and Conditioning CoachAthletics
Reed, TessaBensen Hall 130#15(218) 755-2299Niganawenimaanaanig Program Student MentorIndigenous Studies
Rees, Dr GaryBangsberg Hall 213#16(218) 755-2359Associate Professor - EnglishEnglish, Department of
Rehfeld, JohnHead Strength and Conditioning CoachAthletics
Reiplinger, KristiCedar Apartments#42(218) 755-2777Licensed Practical NurseHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Remley, StephanieAssistant Volleyball CoachAthletics
Renbarger, Dr. CoryBangsberg Hall 349#16(218) 755-2867Associate ProfessorMusic, Department of
Richardson, HeatherDeputy Hall 347#1(218) 755-2220Accounting Technician
Rickers, SueBensen Hall 418#35(218) 755-2835Associated ProfessorSocial Work, Department of
Ricks, TravisBensen Hall 404#35(218) 755-2106Associate Professor SummerPsychology, Department of
Riedel, AnnaDeputy Hall 103#13(218) 755-2618Office and Administrative Specialist SeniorAdmissions
Riley, JodiDeputy Hall 201D#5(218) 755-2052Accounting TechnicianBusiness Services
Riley, PatrickTAD Adjunct
Riley, Dr. PatrickBangsberg Hall 369#16(218) 755-3363Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Rivera-Hokanson, Dr MiriamBensen Hall 320#35(218) 755-2810Associate ProfessorLanguages and Indigenous Studies, Department of
Robins, Mr. WayneBensen Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Sand, EricPhysical Education Complex T/RM#29(218) 755-2769Head Athletic TrainerAthletics
Sayer, Dr. RyanSattgast Hall 215 A#27(218) 755-2781Associate ProfessorPhysics, Department of
Scanlan, JimPhysical Education Complex##60(218) 755-2958Head Women's Hockey Coach (ext duty days)Athletics
Schmidt, AngelaDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2762Office and Admin Spec SeniorBSU Foundation
Schmidthuber, JaredStationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Schmitt, ShannonDeputy Hall 202#5(218) 755-2859Accounts Payable ClerkBusiness Services
Schmitt, Mr. MarkCentral Maintenance Building#38(218) 755-2060LocksmithPhysical Plant
Schmitz, LisaOffsite#35(218) 755-3734Assistant Professor SummerProfessional Education, Department of
Schultz, JamiePhysical Education Complex#29(218) 755-2940Assistant Women's Basketball CoachAthletics
Schwartz, AbramHagg-Sauer Hall 348#23(218) 755-2880State University AdjunctMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Sea, DebraDeputy Hall 242#40(218) 755-3358Associate ProfessorIntegrated Media, Department of
Sea, Dr WilliamSattgast Hall 126#27(218) 755-4103Associate ProfessorEnvironmental Studies, Geology
Seig, Dr. MaryTheresaSattgast Hall 317#27(218) 755-3874Dean of the College of Arts, Education and HumanitiesArts, Education and Humanities, College of
Serratore, Thomas 1372#60(218) 755-2879Head Men's Hockey Coach, Associate ProfessorAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Shafi, AshikDeputy Hall 240(218) 755-3926Assistant Professor of Integrated MediaIntegrated Media, Department of
Shan, Dr. XiMemorial Hall 131#30(218) 755-3710Assistant Professor of BABusiness Administration, Department of
Sillerud, JeffreyWalnut Hall 33#33(218) 755-3888Campus Security OfficerPublic Safety
Simpson, MichaelBensen Hall 223(218) 755-2486Nursing Student Services CoordinatorNursing, Department of
Skudlarek, DanielMemorial Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Skudlarek, LisaMemorial Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Slough, DebbiePhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-2941Admin Assistant to the Director of AthleticsAthletics
Slupe, SusanWalnut Hall(218) 444-7576Catering Manager, BSU Dining Services
Smith, DanielleDecker Hall 228(218) 755-2224Interim Director, International Program CenterAdvising Success Center
Smith, MichaelCentral Maintenance Building#38(218) 755-2060Heavy Equipment MechanicPhysical Plant
Smith, MichaelDeputy Hall 207B#10(218) 755-2071ITS 4/Network ManagerInformation Technology Services
Snorek, KarenDeputy Hall 349#1(218) 755-2012Vice President for Finance and AdministrationFinance & Administration
Solberg, TeresaBensen Hall 222#15(218) 755-2736Nursing Admin AssistantNursing, Department of
Soli, AngelinaDeputy Hall 333#8(218) 553-1242COVID CoordinatorHuman Resources
Solo, TroyDeputy Hall 210#mail(218) 755-3922Central Services Administrative Spec. IntermediateLogistics
Son, Dr. Young SeobMemorial Hall 127#30(218) 755-3715Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Sorenson, EricDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2779Communications Coordinator
Spangler, RenaeBensen Hall 327#35(218) 755-3733Director of Clinical ExperienceProfessional Education, Department of
Spears, ShellyBirch Hall#33(218) 755-3755General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Steffen, AmityDeputy Hall 101#12Records Receptionist
Steggall, KelliDecker Hall 248#19(218) 755-2504Director of TRiO McNair/SSS, Upward BoundTRIO/Student Support Services
Steinmetz, BrentCentral Maintenance Building#1(218) 755-2060General Repair WorkerPhysical Plant
Stish, Ms. KarenDecker Hall 202(218) 755-2066SUCCESS Program CoordinatorAdvising Success Center
StJohn, ClydeCentral Maintenance Building#38(218) 755-2060Grounds and Road Maint CoordinatorPhysical Plant
Stone, JamesPhysical Education Complex 226#29(218) 755-2773Assistant Professor, Soccer Head CoachAthletics, Human Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Strowbridge, LarryHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2061Plant Mainenance EngineerPhysical Plant
Strowbridge, NicoleDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-2741Assistant Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid
Sullivan, Dr. DanielleAssociate Professor of English; English Ed
Sundahl, Mr. StevenBridgeman Hall 237#34(218) 755-2761Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Sundeen, Mr. EricBangsberg Hall 106#16(218) 755-3934Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Swain, Dr. LarryBangsberg Hall 214#16(218) 755-2484Associate ProfessorEnglish, Department of
Swartz, Mr. JohnDeputy Hall 314#2(218) 755-2041University PhotographerCommunications & Marketing
Szrot, Dr. LukasSattgast Hall 215F#27(218) 755-2829Assistant Professor of SociologySociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Tarmizi, Dr. HalbanaMemorial Hall 135#30(218) 755-2751Associate Professor SummerBusiness Administration, Department of
Taylor, NicholasDirector of Civil Rights & Affirmative Action
Teetzel, RobertDeputy Hall 210Central Services Administrative SpecialistLogistics
Terres, EmmaAssistant Women's Hockey CoachAthletics
Tews, BridgetDeputy Hall 103D#13(218) 755-2602Transfer Enrollment AdvisorCenter for Extended Learning
Theisen, JenniferDeputy Hall 161#10ITS 3/ProgrammerInformation Technology Services
Theisen, ScottDeputy Hall 207A#10(218) 755-2234ITS 3/Server ManagerInformation Technology Services
Thissen, Dr. JaimeSattgast Hall 126#27Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental Studies, Geology
Thorson, CarolaDeputy Hall 315(218) 755-2063Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Tian, Dr. BaozhongSattgast Hall 207H(218) 755-2495Associate ProfessorMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Towley, DavidBridgeman Hall 230#34(218) 755-2205Associate Professor of Technology, Art, & DesignTechnology, Art & Design
Treuer, Dr AntonAmerican Indian Resource Center 112#21(218) 755-3968ProfessorLanguages and Indigenous Studies, Department of, Indigenous Studies
Trisko, JennaDeputy Hall 3(320) 267-5177Grant WriterAcademic Affairs
Truedson, Dr. JohnSattgast Hall 215 H#27(218) 755-2796Professor, ChairPhysics, Department of
Tucker, SheldonAssistant Football Coach Adjunct
Turn, Mr. RickyHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2061Refrigeration MechanicPhysical Plant
Turnquist Olson, MadelineSattgast Hall 218 D#27(218) 755-4009Biology Lab SupervisorBiology, Department of
Ueland, Dr. JeffreyBridgeman Hall 311#27(218) 755-2203ProfessorGeography, Department of
Ulmer, KevinPhysical Education Complex 202#29(218) 755-3784Head Volleyball CoachAthletics
Uran, Dr. ShaawanoAmerican Indian Resource Center 111#21(218) 755-2590Associate Professor of Indigenous StudiesLanguages and Indigenous Studies, Department of
Urban, Dr MichaelBensen Hall 346#35(218) 755-3782ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
VanDerWeide, CherieBensen Hall 109D#15(218) 755-2831Assistant Professor of NursingNursing, Department of
VanEvery, SeanArea DirectorHousing & Residential Life
Veaux, Dr. VeronicaMemorial Hall 128#30(218) 755-4122Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Veenker, Mr. Shane 1380#60(218) 755-4251Assistant Women's Hockey CoachAthletics
Vesta, RachelBensen Hall 109#N(218) 755-3870Assistant Professor of NursingNursing, Department of
Vincent, AngelaDeputy Hall#14(218) 755-2034Receptionist, Financial aidFinancial Aid
Vollan, GregoryHeating Plant##1(218) 755-2061Stationary EngineerPhysical Plant
Voss, Mr. DanDeputy Hall 309#4(218) 755-2760Transfer Partnership CoordinatorCenter for Extended Learning
Wachsmuth, SeanAssociate Professor of Professional EdProfessional Education, Department of
Walkup, GinaDeputy Hall 201#5(218) 755-2050Purchasing SupervisorBusiness Services
Wallert, MarkSattgast Hall 218 H#27(218) 755-2925Professor, ChairBiology, Department of
Wallin, AngelaDeputy Hall 114#14(218) 755-4367Loan CoordinatorFinancial Aid
Wallingford, JustinBangsberg Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Wallingford, Dr. ValerieMemorial Hall 136#30(218) 755-2594ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Walters, JustinSUCCESS Coach
Walters, RhondaAlumni House#17(218) 755-3989Database Coordinator
Warren, Dr. GabrielMemorial Hall 127(218) 755-2756Associate ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Warrington, GeraldPainter
Watkins, LaurieAdministrative Assistant to the Facilities DirectorPhysical Plant
Watts, ConnorBensen Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Watts, DarinDeputy Hall#1(218) 755-2062General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Webb, Dr. DerekSattgast Hall 207A#27(218) 755-2846Professor, Department ChairMathematics and Computer Science, Department of
Webber, Dr. MiriamBangsberg Hall 367#16(218) 755-3360Assistant ProfessorMusic, Department of
Wehry, JasonDecker Hall 102#43(218) 208-7544Northwest Regional Veterans Assistance Coordinator
Welch, Ms. CatrinaBensen Hall 109H#15(218) 755-3708Assistant ProfessorNursing, Department of
Westhoff, Dr. RandyDeputy Hall 307#3(218) 755-2016Associate Provost & Associate VP for Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs
White, JaneDeputy Hall 202F#5(218) 755-2850Student Payroll & Travel ClerkBusiness Services
White, Dr. JimSattgast Hall 319#27(218) 755-3868Interim Dean of the College of Individual and CoIndividual and Community Health, College of
White, Dr. MiriamBensen Hall 322#35(218) 755-3744Assistant ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Wiegele, CynthiaWalnut Hall#33(218) 444-7576Walnut Hall Supervisor, BSU Dining Services
Wilander, MarkOak Hall#33(218) 755-3750General Maintenance WorkerHousing & Residential Life
Wilkie, Dr MistyBensen Hall 109 R#15(218) 755-2715ProfessorNursing, Department of
Wilkinson, AndrewDeputy Hall 165(218) 755-3777ITS 3Information Technology Services
Wille, SabrinaDeputy Hall 305#3(218) 755-3999Executive Assistant for Academic AffairsAcademic Affairs
Willford, DaveCedar Apartments 129B#39(218) 308-2484System Development Supervisor, MnSCU System Office ITS
Williams, JamesCentral Maintenance Building 37(218) 755-2269Warehouse Stores Operation CoordinatorLogistics
Williams, KrisBridgeman Hall 242(218) 755-2209Assistant DirectorMinnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Wilson, HannahCedar Apartments#42(218) 755-2053Mental Health ProfessionalHealth and Counseling Services, Student Center
Wilson, RonAmerican Indian Resource Center 115#21(218) 755-4210Associate Director for OutreachAmerican Indian Resource Center
Winter, TravisPhysical Education Complex#60(218) 755-2765Assistant Men's Hockey Coach (ext duty days)Athletics
Wolf, LindaDecker Hall 240#22(218) 755-2222Management Analyst 1TRIO/Student Support Services
Wood, Dr. KariMemorial Hall 134#30(218) 755-3925ProfessorBusiness Administration, Department of
Wright, AndyDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2040Director of AdmissionsAdmissions
Wright, WilliamHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2886Plant Maintenance EngineerPhysical Plant
Wright, Mr. RossHeating Plant(218) 755-2014Lead ElectricianPhysical Plant
Yoder, Dr. MarilynSattgast Hall 322(218) 755-2723Dean of the College of Business, Mathematics & SciencesBusiness, Mathematics and Sciences, College of
Zatkin, JudithBensen Hall 409(218) 755-4112Assistant Professor of PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Zebracka, MaggieWeb Content Manager
Zhou, Dr. LiBensen Hall 408(218) 755-2485Assistant ProfessorPsychology, Department of
Zothman, MeganDeputy Hall 335#8(218) 755-2502Campus Human Resources OfficerHuman Resources