La Venture, Dr. Kelly
Associate Professor

LaFerriere, Dr. Holly
Associate Professor

Lama, Dr. Prabin
Assistant Professor of English

Langhout, Suzy
Physical Ed Adjunct

Larson, Dr Julie

Larson, Dr Kate
Associate Professor

Larson-Lindner, Bridget
Assistant Professor Social Work

Lauritsen, Brittany
Athletic Director

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Lawdermilt, Dr. Sherry
Chief Information Officer

Lawrence, Monika
Adjunct Faculty

Lee, Michael
Graphic Design & Publications Specialist

Leeport, Patrick
Associate Professor Library Services

Lengefeld, Dr. Michael
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Letson, Elizabeth
Psychology Adjunct

Leuthard, Mary
Library Technician

Li, Jo
Northstar Visiting Scholars Coord

Liend, Mr. Jeremiah
Technical Coordinator of Performing Arts

Longie, Amanda
Assistant Professor of Social Work

Lopez-Aguilera, Dr. Ana
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Lowery, Dr. Hilary
Assistant Professor of Music

Lubke, Dr. Margaret
Associate Professor

Lucio, Maria
Admissions Representative and Coordinator for DOR

Ludeman, Dr. Randy
Interim Dean of Students

Luecken, Ashley
Human Resources Specialist

Lund, Dr Carl
Associate Professor of Professional Education

Lund, Dr Eric
Associate Professor

Lund, Michael
Associate Professor

Lunt, Dr. Dennis
Associate Professor

Lutz, Jordan
Sustainablity Project Manager

Lynch, Michael
Women's Cross Country & Track & Field Head Coach