Faculty & Staff45 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Cain, MatthewDecker Hall 122#19(218) 755-4619Adjunct Assistant Football CoachAthletics
Callagan, ShawnHeating Plant#1(218) 755-2886Stationary Engineer ReliefPhysical Plant
Campbell, EvelynBensen Hall(218) 755-2836Assistant Professor
Campbell, ShawnDeputy Hall 268#40(218) 755-4127Audio Visual Tech
Carew, AlexanderPhysical Education Complex 212#29(218) 755-2142Interim Associate Athletic Director - Athletic Compliance
Carey, DariusAssistant Football Coach
Carlson, AlissaWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3888Campus Security OfficerPublic Safety
Carlson, DanielSattgast Hall 303#27(218) 755-2781Adjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Carlson, MaryDeputy Hall 111#13(218) 755-3877Office & Administrative Specialist-IntermediateInternational Program Center
Carlson, ReedStudent Teacher Supervisor
Carlson, Dr. AnnaSattgast Hall 128#27(218) 755-2801Assistant ProfessorEnvironmental Studies
Carlson, Dr. StephenBangsberg Hall 337#16(218) 755-3997Professor, Department ChairMusic, Department of
Carlson, Mr. EricBridgeman Hall 232#34Assistant Professor of Technology, Art & Design
Carter, JessicaAdjunct FacultyHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Carver Smith, KimberlyAlumni House#17(218) 755-3989Office and Administrative Specialist IntermediateBSU Foundation
Charles, DallasHead Strength and Conditioning Coach
Charwood, AshleyDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2178Admissions Representative
Chesley, AmandaBensen Hall 324(218) 755-3747Research AnalystArts, Education and Humanities, College of
Chock, AnnaPsychology Adjunct
Chowdhury, Dr. NusratBridgeman Hall 247#34(218) 755-2954Assistant Professor of Operations & Project Management
Christensen Graefe, LisaBensen Hall 330#35(218) 755-2278Adjunct InstructorLanguages and Indigenous Studies, Department of
Christensen, Dr. MarkHagg-Sauer Hall 302#23(218) 755-3356ProfessorEnglish, Department of
Christiansen, TylerPhysical Education Complex#29Information Officer 2-Sports MediaInformation Technology Services
Christianson, JoshuaDavid Park House#17(218) 755-2876Executive Director of University AdvancementBSU Foundation
Christofferson, KelseyWalnut Hall#33(218) 755-3750Office and Administrative Specialist-IntermediateHousing & Residential Life
Cirks, KristinaDecker Hall 243#19(218) 755-2559TRIO McNair Associate Director
Clark, AngieDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2851Summer Program DirectorCenter for Extended Learning
Clausen, SamanthaCase Manager
Cleven, CrystalDecker Hall 251#22(218) 755-2598Assistant ProfessorTRIO/Student Support Services
Coan, Ms. AngelaDeputy Hall 105#4(218) 755-2068Customer Service Specialist IntermediateCenter for Extended Learning
Coggins, Dr. PorterBensen Hall 344#35(218) 755-2720ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Colburn, LindaMemorial Hall 153#35(218) 755-3779Adjunct facultyProfessional Education, Department of
Cold, BenjaminBangsberg Hall 201#16(218) 755-2915Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Cole, Dr. LaynaBensen Hall 343#35(218) 755-4046Associate ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Colligan, TracyClinical Experience Specialist, Prof Ed
Collins, SamanthaDeputy Hall#13(218) 755-2040CashierAdmissions
Columbus, MelissaDeputy Hall 205B#10(218) 755-3399ITS 3/Server ManagerInformation Technology Services
Cook, Dr ChristyAssistant ProfessorNursing, Department of
Cornell, DebraBangsberg Hall 105#16(218) 755-4605ITS 3/Server ManagerInformation Technology Services
Corradi, ChristopherAlumni House(218) 755-4145Director of FinanceBSU Foundation
Coulter, AmandaWalnut Hall(218) 755-3750Groundskeeper IntermediatePhysical Plant
Cowan, Dr. TriciaBensen Hall 109 E#15(218) 755-2148Assistant ProfessorNursing, Department of
Cronin, Dr. SarahBensen Hall 406#35(218) 755-2884Assistant Professor of PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Curfman, MichellePhysical Education Complex 214#29Health Adjunct
Curtis, Dr. JulieBensen Hall 224#15(218) 755-3729Assistant ProfessorNursing, Department of
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