Faculty & Staff35 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Gabardi, Mrs. JeriNorthwest Technical College PEDL Mentor
Gallagher, Dr. FultonBangsberg Hall 368#16(218) 755-4253Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Gartner, AmandaCedar Apartments 127(218) 755-2874Psychologist 2Health and Counseling Services, Student Center
Gaston, Mr. GregBangsberg Hall 304#16(218) 755-2398Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Geiger, MarkMaple Hall #33(218) 755-3755General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Geistfeld, JodiNorthwest Technical College Pedl Mentor
Giauque, Ms. MargieDecker Hall 212#18(218) 755-2038Director of Career ServicesCareer Services
Gibbon, MaureenBangsberg Hall 205(218) 755-4021ProfessorEnglish, Department of
Gibson Willius, SallyDeputy Hall 333#4(218) 755-2068Adjunct FacultyProfessional Education, Department of
Girard, LeahDecker Hall 247#19(218) 755-3334TRiO/Upward Bound Associate DirectorTRIO/Upward Bound
Gish, MaryDeputy Hall 204A#5(218) 755-2448Accounting Supervisor SeniorBusiness Services
Gitz, BrentPhysical Education Complex 200#29(218) 755-2941Athletic Equipment ManagerHuman Performance, Sport, and Health, Department of
Goliaszewski, LauraBridgeman Hall 303#34(218) 755-3737Art Gallery DirectorTechnology, Art & Design
Gomez, BrittanyPhysical Education Complex 210#29(218) 755-2740Assistant Softball CoachAthletics
Gonzalez, Dr. JohnBensen Hall 405#35(218) 755-2881Professor of PsychologyPsychology, Department of
Goodwin, Dr. TimothyBensen Hall 318#35(218) 308-0780Associate ProfessorProfessional Education, Department of
Goplin, ErikCentral Maintenance Building #1(218) 755-2060CarpenterPhysical Plant
Gora, Dr KeithBensen Hall 402#23(218) 755-2882Associate ProfessorPsychology, Department of
Gourneau, KimDeputy Hall 101A(218) 755-3948RegistrarRecords & Registration
Graham, Mr AndrewBridgeman Hall 231#34(218) 755-2953Assistant ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Granbois, TheronMemorial Hall 154(218) 755-3730Accounting Adjunct
Grandison, Dr. EgyptMemorial Hall 153(218) 755-3987Assistant Professor of Business AdministrationBusiness Administration, Department of
Graves, WilliamMemorial Hall 160#30(218) 755-3714Assistant Professor, Department ChairAccountancy, Department of
Greene, TravisDeputy Hall 311(218) 755-2075Associate Vice President for Student Life and Success
Greer, Dr. ColleenSattgast Hall 215 F#27(218) 755-2829ProfessorSociology and Communication Studies, Department of
Greibrok, HeatherNorthwest Technical College PEDL Mentor
Grimm, SusanDeputy Hall 102#13(218) 755-2021Campus Visits CoordinatorRecords & Registration
Gubrud, LisaDecker Hall 210#18(218) 755-2405Customer Service Specialist Sr.Career Services
Guelda, Dr. DebbieSattgast Hall 218-G#27(218) 755-2786ProfessorBiology, Department of
Guentchev, Dr. DanielHagg-Sauer Hall 334#23(218) 755-3351Associate ProfessorPhilosophy
Guest, EmilyDeputy Hall 203#5(218) 755-2046Accounting OfficerBusiness Services
Guidry, HeatherNorthwest Technical College Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Guidry, ScottBangsberg Hall 359#16(218) 755-3365Associate ProfessorMusic, Department of
Gullickson, RobinDeputy Hall 101#12(218) 755-4248Assistant Registrar-Curriculum CoordinatorRecords & Registration
Gustafson, EricBangsberg Hall 325#16(218) 755-2918Adjunct Faculty (Accompanist)Music, Department of