Faculty & Staff41 results

NameLocationPO BoxPhoneJob PositionOffice/Department
Mack, BrendaBensen Hall 420#35(218) 755-4050Assistant ProfessorSocial Work, Department of
MaGaurn, CarlBridgeman Hall TADT Adjunct
Mahaffey, Tam #15(218) 755-3860Adjunct InstructorNursing, Department of
Maple, Dr. MarciBensen Hall 109 B#15(218) 755-4240Associate ProfessorNursing, Department of
Marcum, John (320) 293-4515
Marek, Dr. KeithSattgast Hall 377 B#27(218) 755-2788Professor, Chem Department ChairChemistry, Department of
Marsh, MatthewHeating Plant #1(218) 755-2014Electrician LeadPhysical Plant
Marty, Becky Adjunct Instructor
Mason, PatriciaBangsberg Hall 205#16(218) 755-2918Adjunct FacultyMusic, Department of
Mason, Tara Project Grant Coordinator
Massaglia, Dr DavidMemorial Hall 166#30(218) 755-2906Associate ProfessorAccountancy, Department of
Masse, Whitney Pedl Mentor
Mastin, MichaelBensen Hall #35(218) 755-3734Adjunct FacultyCriminal Justice, Department of
Mayer, Ms. TameraDeputy Hall 305#3(218) 755-3999Office and Administrative Assistant, Principal TemporaryAcademic & Student Affairs
McCarthy, CaseyWalnut Hall #33(218) 755-3888Director of Public SafetyPublic Safety
McColley, KevinBangsberg Hall 216#16English Adjunct
McConnell, GeorgeMemorial Hall 312#48(218) 755-2027Director of Graduate ProgramsGraduate Studies, School of
McDermott, Dr. JeanineBensen Hall 109 J#35(218) 755-2524Associate ProfessorNursing, Department of
McDonnell, PeteA.C. Clark Library 304D#28(218) 755-2967Systems and Circulation LibrarianLibrary & Library Services
McManus, BrendanBensen Hall 226#35(218) 755-4124Associate ProfessorHistory
McMartin, Kyle Adjunct
Megorden, Tim #31(218) 751-5326Pastor Lutheran Campus Ministry
Meister, Katy PEDL Mentor
Menefee, CarissaDeputy Hall 325(218) 755-3344Interim Associate Dir of Comm and Marketing
Mensen, Leighann PEDL Mentor
Meulebroeck, EricBridgeman Hall 251#34(218) 755-2950Adjunct FacultyBusiness, Mathematics and Sciences, College of
Meulebroeck, LyleBridgeman Hall 233#34(218) 755-2733Associate ProfessorTechnology, Art & Design
Meyer, JaimeeBridgeman Hall 240#34(218) 755-2206Director of Marketing and OutreachMinnesota State Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
Michael, Dr. NickyAmerican Indian Resource Center 113(218) 755-3979Assistant ProfessorIndigenous Studies
Miller, EkrenPhysical Education Complex 206#29(218) 755-2513Men's Golf CoachAthletics
Miller, Kenyon General Maintenance WorkerPhysical Plant
Moatari Kazerouni, Dr. AfsoonSattgast Hall 102#27(218) 755-2477Assistant Professor of GeologyEnvironmental Studies
Moen, Mr. RichardCentral Maintenance Building #38(218) 755-2060Building Maintenance SupervisorPhysical Plant
Morrill, ErinDecker Hall 201 A(218) 755-2545MNSCU Security CoordinatorEnvironmental Health & Safety
Morrissey, Mr. MarkGillett Recreation-Fitness Center #29(218) 755-3900Assistant Director of Campus Rec Outdoor Prog CtrOutdoor Program Center
Mountain, Mr GarnetAmerican Indian Resource Center 110#21(218) 755-4210Adjunct FacultyIndigenous Studies
Muller, PaulDeputy Hall 103#13(218) 755-2173Director of AdmissionsAdmissions
Mulry, MikeDavid Park House #17(218) 755-2122Director of Corporate Relations & Strategic Partnerships
Mumm, Mrs. Amy PEDL Mentor
Munson, RachelDeputy Hall 327#2(218) 755-2748Digital Communications Specialist
Murray, MichaelSattgast Hall 127#27(218) 755-2910Associate ProfessorEconomics