Dr. Charles Alberti to deliver March 19 Honors Council lecture

BEMIDJI, Minn.Dr. Charles Alberti, professor emeritus of education, will present an Honors Council Lecture entitled “What Knowledge is of the Most Worth?” on Tuesday, March 19. The lecture, which is free to the public, will be held at 7 p.m. in Hagg-Sauer 112 on the BSU campus.

If we try to form a question from the definitions of axiology and epistemology, we might ask ourselves “What Knowledge is of the Most Worth?”

From society to society and culture to culture, there are differences of opinion of the worth of certain knowledge and how that knowledge is acquired. If knowledge is valuable by its very nature, can it be determined that what was very important 100 years ago holds the same value today? Can a determination be made of what knowledge that is important today will still be important in 100 years? What if information does hold a lasting value to society, but is not institutionalized and disseminated because it lacks institutional value?

Alberti’s presentation will explore the differences between the changing value of knowledge and the societal and institutional hierarchy placed upon it. The presentation also will also discuss the importance of liberal education in the context of a changing world.

Alberti taught in the Department of Education at BSU for 19 years, also spending time in the art department and Honors Program, before retiring in 2007. He remains a practicing artist, participating in shows across the nation with works on display in museums in Arkansas and Alabama, and an author currently developing several books on art and education. He holds a bachelor’s degree in art education with an art history minor from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Chicago, and a master’s of school administration and supervision and a Ph.D. in foundations of education, with minors in administration and philosophy, both from Loyola University in Chicago.

2008 Honors Lecture Series

  • March 19: “What Knowledge Is of the Most Worth?” Dr. Charles Alberti; Education Arts 115
  • April 2: “The Jeanette Smith Case: Defending Battered Women at Trial; ” Janet Prater; Hagg-Sauer 112
  • April 15: “Where Do Poems Come From?” Susan Hauser & Maureen Gibbon; Hagg-Sauer 112
  • April 24: “The Mental Maps and Mindscapes of the American Midwest;” Mike Garrett; Hagg-Sauer 112

all lectures begin at 7:00 p.m.

March 19
– 7:00 p.m. – Bemidji State University Honors Lecture: Dr. Charles Alberti, “What Knowledge is of the Most Worth?” Location: Hagg-Sauer 112, BSU. Admission: free.