BSU Scholarship Drive kicks off in April

BEMIDJI, Minn. – Starting April 1, volunteers representing Bemidji State University will be hitting the streets to secure the suppport of business and individuals throughout the community as part of the BSU Scholarship Drive.

This year, the BSU Foundation is conducting a joint drive to help raise money for both academic and athletic scholarships.

Funds raised through the Academic Scholarship Drive support scholarships, academic programs, cultural programs and much more. Funds are used to meet the priority needs of the University, including Office of Admissions scholarships, to help meet the challenge of enrollment in an environment of competitive student recruitment.

Funds raised through the Beaver Pride Membership Drive support scholarships for student-athletes participating in varsity intercollegiate athletics. Beaver Pride’s goal is to support Bemidji State’s intercollegiate athletic programs and to continue attracting quality student-athletes to BSU.

For more information on supporting the BSU Scholarship Drive, contact the BSU Foundation at (218) 755-2294.