BSU recognizes 72 employees with length-of-service awards

BEMIDJI, Minn. – Bemidji State University recognized 72 employees with a combined 1,255 years of service to the University during its inaugural BSU Length of Service Awards ceremony, held Thursday, April 24, in the Beaux Arts Ballroom on campus.

• 35 years (six employees)
Randy Johnson, logistical services; David Lund, philosophy; Peggy Nohner, College of Professional Studies; Pamela Papp, cashier’s office; Sharon Rebers, Office of the President; and Dennis Schultz, cabinet maker.

• 30 years (nine employees)
Mike Hellmann, maintenance; Pam Janssen, International Program Center; Dave Kingsbury, technological studies; Dale Ladig, residential life; Laureen Lawyer, business services; Bob Ley, economics; Richard Mayer, accounting; Carole Reesink, professional education; and Dan Sorsoleil, logistical services.

• 25 years (nine employees)
Tom Fauchald, business administration; Darla Finnegan, Department of Professional Education; Joseph Kaiser, maintenance; Marilyn Lanners, business services; Paul Lindseth, financial aide; Sanjeev Phukan, business administration; Mary Ann Reitmeir, social work; John Swartz, university photographer; and Patrick Welle, economics and environmental studies.

• 20 years (11 employees)
William Baumgartner, maintenance; Dave Benson, professional education; Ed Driscoll, maintenance; Hal Gritzmacher, professional education; Coleen Jennings, College of Social and Natural Sciences; Joan Miller, College of Professional Studies; Joe Neumann, information technology services; Kathy O’Brien, Hobson Memorial Union; Dale Sakrison, professional education; Bill Shaman, A.C. Clark Library; and Rosalie Weaver, English.

• 15 years (11 employees)
Sandy Beck, maintenance; Carol Bennett, psychology; Sandra Bland, accounting; Kathi Hagen, disability services; Mike Herbert, criminal justice; Elaine Hoffman, technological studies; Ann Hougen, mathematics; Mary Hrenchir, history; Kelly MaGaurn, plumber; J.B. Thorson, building services; and Jim Wizner, painter.

• 10 years (seven employees)
Diane Backer, Center for Research and Innovation; Barbara Bridges, professional studies; Patrick Fredrickson, physical plant; Christina Kippenhan, physical education, health & sport; Marla Patrias, alumni association; Kenneth Traxler, chemistry; and Mike Wellcome, Center for Research and Innovation.

• Five years (19 employees)
Bekki Babineau, BSU Foundation; Steve Berard, TRIO/Upward Bound; Dacia Dauner, campus child care; Seth Duncan, maintenance; Joann Fredrickson, provost/vice president for academic affairs; Terry Garrett, visual arts; Cory Haack, moving crew; Katherine Jackson, Center for Career & Technical Education; Paul Kivi, economics; Richard Koch, biology; Loralyn Kuechle, residential life; Darren Olson, technological studies; Joel Pugh, music; Genevieve Radniecki-Hayle, campus child care; Sharon Russell, Department of Technological Studies; David Smith, business administration; Jim Stone, physical education, health & sport; Mindy Taylor, maintenance; and Derek Webb, mathematics.