Bemidji State University receives grants to offer summer math instruction for teachers

BEMIDJI, Minn. — The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Bemidji State University has recieved four federal grants from the Minnesota Office of Higher Education to provide summer mathematics instruction to elementary, middle and high school teachers through its Improving Teacher Quality grant program.

The grants, which cover instructional areas including probability and statistics, number theory and foundations of arithmetic, total more than $162,000 and are from a pool of grant money made available to the state of Minnesota through the federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The four projects at Bemidji State were amongst 23 funded in Minnesota from a pool of more than $1.1 million in funding.

“We have worked to improve the opportunities for teachers and students of mathematics in northern Minnesota for the past ten years,” said Dr. Todd Frauenholtz, professor of mathematics and computer science. “There is evidence that students of teachers who have attended our summer math camp attain higher scores on district-level tests, demonstrating the positive impact these professional development opportunities have on our children.”

Probability, Statistics and Assessment for Middle and High School
Under the direction of Dr. Glen Richgels, Bemidji State will receive $51,464 to host 24 middle and high school teachers from northern Minnesota for a summer project to improve knowledge of and teaching techniques for probability and statistics. The course will involve group work, discovery and team projects, all aligned with state of Minnesota math standards. The course staff will model instructional practices that enhance student learning and motivation. The course also will help participants evaluate the need for a senior-high statistics course and provide assistance with appropriate curricular choices.

The course will award six graduate credits upon completion.

Foundations of Arithmetic I and II
Under the direction of Frauenholtz, Bemidji State will receive a total of $57,058 to host 30 highly qualified paraprofessionals and teachers in elementary and middle schools for a summer math course. The foundations courses provide content instruction using mathematical models to enhance the participants’ understanding of the foundation of arithmetic, instructional models to increase the motivation to teach effectively and provide instructional methods for improving student learning.

Foundations of Arithmetic II will be available to those who have previously completed the first course.

The foundations courses each award three graduate or undergraduate credits upon completion.

Number Sense & Number Theory for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
Also under the direction of Frauenholtz, Bemidji Sate will receive $53,599 to host 24 elementary and middle school teachers for a three-week summer institute to enhance understanding of number sense and number theory. The institute’s instructors will model exemplary instruction methods that build on number sense and strenghens the mathematical foundation of the participants while developing an understanding of how to build student knowledge.

The course will award seven graduate credits upon completion.

For more information on the grants, please contact Frauenholtz at Bemidji State University’s Department of Mathematics at (218) 755-2817.