Fall enrollment at Bemidji State University up nearly two percent

BEMIDJI, Minn. (Sept. 21, 2009) — A sizeable freshman class has helped fuel fall enrollment growth of nearly two percent at Bemidji State University.

Bemidji State’s enrollment figures for Monday, Sept. 21 — the 20th day of classes — shows a total enrollment of 4,970 students, an increase of 91 students over the same time a year ago, or an enrollment increase of 1.9 percent.

The total of 4,970 students includes 4,524 undergraduates, an increase of 1.8 percent from the 20th day of enrollment in 2008, and 446 graduate students, a 2.1-percent increase from last year.

BSU’s enrollment number could fluctuate throughout the fall as students enroll for distance learning options.

Bemidji State’s 810-member freshman class for 2009 played a key role in this year’s overall enrollment gains, representing a 4.2-percent increase in freshman enrollment since last year.

Credit generation, which plays a more-critical role in the University’s budget than headcount, is also seeing early signs of an increase over 2008. Bemidji State’s 20th-day overall credit load is 60,183 credits, a 5.5-percent increase from a year ago.

Bemidji State has traditionally used the 20th day of classes as its date for announcing enrollment figures in order to allow sufficient time for students to drop or add courses and to pay tuition. Headcount reflects an unduplicated number of students enrolled in credit-generating courses on campus and through external study areas such as distance learning.

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system releases its enrollment report on the 30th day of classes, which for this year will fall on Monday, Oct. 5.