Bemidji State University receives projector donation from Skyline Exhibits

BEMIDJI, Minn. (Sept. 2, 2010) — Presentations in Bemidji State University’s Department of Technological Studies will soon be a little bit brighter, thanks to a donation of projectors from St. Paul-based Skyline Exhibits.

Skyline Exhibits serves on the advisory board for the design technology program and has representatives on campus for the program’s annual portfolio review event and for advisory board meetings.

“We’ve had many conversations with Skyline regarding our program and the industry,” said Dr. Bonnie Higgins, associate professor of technological studies at Bemidji State. “Skyline purchased a series of projectors to use with one of their new display systems. When a change in vendors prompted a separate purchase, they asked if our program might have an interest in five of the initial projectors.”

“These are great projectors,” said Skyline President Bill Dierberger. “We saw an opportunity to step in and support a quality educational program with high-end equipment they might otherwise not have been able to acquire.”

The projectors, made by NEC, can project a 110-inch image in 1080i high definition from as close as 29 inches from the screen.

“The NEC projectors allow for installation in small spaces while still delivering maximum impact in a classroom setting,” said Scott Roschi, creative director at Skyline. “These projectors will enable the design technology program to outfit more of its classrooms with the tools to encourage the creative sharing made possible by large-format presentations.”

“We have identified multiple applications for the projectors,” Higgins said. “We can use them in recruiting efforts, allowing us to show work of our current students to prospective students; we can use them during our annual portfolio reviews; and having these will allow our faculty to take high-quality projectors to conferences and presentations where they have to provide their own equipment.

“Also, the fact that the projector only has to be 29 inches from the screen will allow us to make better use of space in one of our classrooms,” Higgins said. “We had to rearrange the room to accommodate a projector that had to be farther away from the screen.”

The projectors are scheduled for delivery in the coming weeks.

For more information, contact Dr. Bonnie Higgins, associate professor of technological studies, at (218) 755-3790.

The NEC WT610E projector at

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