Bemidji State students showing sculpture work in Gallery X

BEMIDJI, Minn. (Jan. 28, 2011) — Students in Bemidji State University’s visual arts programs are currently displaying a collection of beginning sculpture work entitled “Assemblage: A Collection of Beginning Sculptures” in the University’s Gallery X.

Assemblage is an artistic process in which three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. The origin of the word, in an artistic sense, can be traced back to the early 1950s, when Jean Dubuffet created a series of collages of butterfly wings he entitled “assemblages d’empreintes.” In 1961, the New York Museum of Modern Art featured an exhibition entitled “The Art of Assemblage,” showcasing the work of early 20th century artists from Europe and the United States. The exhibition’s curator described assemblages as being made up of preformed natural or manufactured material, objects or fragments not intended as art materials.

The Gallery X exhibit features 15 works by 15 student artists.

Gallery X is located in Room 125 of the University’s Education Arts Building and is open free to the public during regular business hours.

For more information, please contact the Department of Visual Arts at (218) 755-3735.


56601 | Gabe Carlstrom, senior, elementary education; “Motor City.”
56601 | Kayla Schoen, senior, psychology; “Stuck on Christmas.”
56601 | Daniel Swenson, sophomore, art and mass communication; “Float On.”

Bagley | 56621 | Bonnie Friborg, not seeking a degree; “It’s Not a Daisy.”
Beltrami | 56517 | Anna Marie Tollefson, junior, art; “Castle O’Plenty.”
Duluth | 55801 | Chris Rotondo, sophomore, design technology; “Wooden.”
Glenwood | 56334 | Zachery Bosek, freshman, design technology and computer science; “Recycling Robot.”
Hibbing | 55746 | Andrew Finco, senior, business administration; “Starch is a Killer.”
Janesville | 56048 | Robert Pierce, junior, design technology; “Support Balance,”
Northfield | 55057 | Erin Cheney, freshman, art; “Untitled.”
Northfield | 55057 | Matt Buresh, sophomore, design technology; “Ugly Robot.”
Rockford | 55373 | Alexandra Henrich, freshman, psychology; “Colors.”
Sauk Centre | 55378 | Genna Ironi, senior, business administration; “Rescue Me.”
Virginia | 55792 | Matthew Socha, senior, design technology; “Eleprint.”

Wasilla | 99687 | Jeremiee Meisler, sophomore, design technology; “Untitled Awesomeness.”