Hometown News: Lifestyle Educators

Bemidji State University’s Lifestyle Educators are student peer educators who are trained to give accurate and current health information to their peers. They are actively involved in developing, promoting and evaluating health programs on the BSU campus. Peer educators increase student awareness about high-risk choices involving alcohol, drugs, and sex. These students foster leadership skills, attend weekly meetings and assist in the recruitment of future members.

Lifestyle Educators are volunteers who are eager to give their time, energy and friendship to other students in need.

On today’s college campuses students confront issues such as alcohol abuse, drugs, tobacco, sexual assault, sexually transmitted infections and stress.  Lifestyle Educators help their peers navigate through these sometimes-turbulent waters to make decisions that are safe, healthy and in the student’s best interest.

For more information please contact Jay Passa at (218) 755-2080.


Coon Rapids

Taylor Strand |55448| junior, community health


Kalli Kieffer |55033| freshman, political science


Megan Augeson |55342| sophomore, pre-occupational therapy


Dylan Davidson |56367| sophomore, political science

St. Louis Park

Christine Thompson |55416| senior, nursing


Ellise Loomis |56484| junior, exercise science



Andrea Billings |66417| freshman, english