Optivation offers HR management courses in June

May 15, 2012 — Optivation, a joint venture of Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College, is offering a pair of online courses in June that cover a variety of issues related to human resource management.

June 4 — Performance Appraisals, Coaching and Termination
An online course addressing human resource topics including reward systems, performance management and retention from a strategic perspective. The course will teach business managers how to retain good employees and coach for improved performance through the use of an employee performance management system. The course also will discuss the importance of improving and correcting employee performance, and what to know when discipline and termination becomes necessary.  Participants will become familiar with different methods of performance appraisals, learn skills for coaching performance, discover ways to speak the “reward language” for each individual employee, review needed documentation in the event termination is necessary, develop a corrective action and reward plan and develop a performance appraisal form.

This course is taught by Lyndi Odegard and carries a registration fee of $200. Register at Optivation’s website.

June 4 — How to Hire the RIGHT Person
The success of a business starts with its staff. This online course will teach skills and strategies needed to maximize the potential of every new hire. Whether you need to create a new position or fill an existing one, this course will help you analyze your business needs and walk you through the hiring process. Participants in this course will develop a job description, improve a job application, create an ad that can be used to advertise a position and walk through the interview process — including interview-appropriate questions and strategies to evaluate applicants.

This course is taught by Lyndi Odegard and carries a registration fee of $200. Register at Optivation’s website.

Lyndi Odegard
Lyndi Odegard, a Bemidji State University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, is a five-year veteran of the banking industry. She has broad-based professional experience with human resources on a variety of scales, from major corporations to small, privately owned businesses. She believes businesses will be more succeessful with a personal approach. She teaches a variety of human resource-related courses for Optivation.

About Optivation
Optivation is designed to increase collaboration between Bemidji’s higher education providers and the business and technology sectors of the northwest Minnesota region. Optivation delivers targeted training and education systems to help organizations succeed in a changing world. Through its affiliations with Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College, Optivation is able to tap into an unparalleled network of people and technology across the state of Minnesota. Optivation is operated jointly by BSU and NTC. For more information, visit optivation.org or call (218) 755-4900.

A complete list of upcoming courses at Optivation is available on its website at http://optivation.org/calendar/.