Outdoor Program Center offers kayak skills training

Bemidji State University’s Outdoor Program Center will offer kayak skills training in the swimming pool, located in the Gillett Recreation and Fitness Center on campus.

The kayaking skills training sessions will take place on Feb. 21 and March 21 from 7-10 p.m. The training sessions are free.

Participants will learn basic kayaking safety skills, such as wet exits, rescues, self-rescue, bracing and Eskimo rolling, within the controlled environment of a swimming pool.

For more information, and to confirm dates and times for all OPC activities, contact the Outdoor Program Center, (218) 755-2999.

About the Outdoor Program Center
Bemidji State University’s nationally-recognized Outdoor Program Center is part of a diverse and active Department of Campus Recreation. The center is dedicated to providing the university and public with outdoor experiences which allow participants to enjoy the outdoors, explore personal potential, and develop a respect and understanding of the Earth’s natural systems and accompanying responsibilities.

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