16 students presenting at April 8 Minnesota Conference of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity

On April 8, 16 Bemidji State University students will attend the Minnesota Conference of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity held at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minn.

The conference is open to any undergraduate student at one of Minnesota’s seven state universities who is engaged in collaborative or independent research, scholarly, or creative activity, and is sponsored by a faculty member.

The Minnesota Conference of Undergraduate Scholarly and Creative Activity offers undergraduate students from any of Minnesota’s state university an opportunity to present his or her research, scholarly or creative projects through poster presentations, oral papers, visual art, displays and performance art. It also gives the opportunity for intercampus engagement and promotes the presence of students from the state university system as leaders in undergraduate research.

This year’s conference will feature keynote speaker Dr. Jennifer Schultz from Metropolitan State University, who will present “Undergraduate Research: Transferability of Scholarly and Creative Skills for Employment.” The session will also host two graduate fairs that will provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to network and explore the option of graduate school.

The conference, now in its second year, has experienced a 100 percent increase in student presentations and each of the seven Minnesota state universities will have students in attendance.

For more information, please contact the Bemidji State University Academic Affairs Office at (218) 755-2015.

Bemidji State’s participating students are listed below by hometown.

Bemidji |56601| Samuel Birkholz, senior, mathematics; “The Heard and the Hiding.”

Bemidji |56601| Elizabeth Dicker, junior, chemistry; “Analysis of Mercury Present in Fish Samples from Lake Bemidji.”

Bemidji |56601| Maria Eastman, senior, sociology; “Addressing Accessibility: Analysis of Disability Services Policy and Practice at Bemidji State University with Specific Regard to Assistive Technology.”

Bemidji |56601| Jordyn Flaada, senior, design technology; “Ojibwe Grammatical Terms in Ojibwe Language Teaching.”

Bemidji |56601| Paul Kirchoff, junior, political science; “The Demographic and Geographic Basis of Municipal Annexation in Minnesota.”

Bemidji |56601| Jimmy Moore, junior, criminal justice; “California Three Strikes Law: Outside Students’ Perspectives.”

Bemidji |56601| Kaisa Oja, junior, psychology; “President’s Student Commission: Effective Education: A Study of Modalities of Instruction at Bemidji State University,” “Memory Reminiscence and Social Interaction in the Elderly” and “The Influence of Personality Traits on Subjective Health Ratings: A Review.”

Brainerd |56401| Sarah Frisch, senior, psychology; “IT CAN W8: An Intervention to Decrease Cell Phone Use While Driving.”

Burnsville |55337| Charles Sandiford, senior, applied engineering; “Wastewater Treatment at Petrochemical Refineries”

East Grand Forks |56721| Grant Holy, senior, criminal justice; “Student’s Opinions and Perceptions of Their Local Law Enforcement.”

Roosevelt |56673| Jake Mack, senior, science education; “High Altitude Balloon Flight Patterns and Elastic Limitations” and “Tree Height and Diameter Relationships of White Pine and Tree Fall Patterns of Red Pine in Northern Minnesota.”

Sauk Rapids |56379| Kari Cooper, junior, liberal arts; “President’s Student Commission” and “A Time to Lead.”

Winton |55796| Joseph Moubry, senior, creative and professional writing; “Safe Zone Training: Should BSU Have One & What Should it Look Like.”


Palm Desert |92211| Lawrence MoellerJr., junior, mathematics; “Analysis of Odocoileus virginianus Data Collected in Upper Midwest.”


Langham |S0K 2L0| Natasha Kleinsasser, senior, sociology; “Is FEMA Misunderstanding Mitigation?”

Kathmandu|44600| Sanjay Maharjan, junior, applied engineering; “The Possibility Of Implementing Sustainable Energy Projects At Bemidji State University.”

Baglung |977| Gopal Sapkota, senior, chemistry; “Analysis Of Mercury Present in Fish Samples From Lake Bemidji” and “President’s Student Commission: Effective Education: A Study of Modalities of Instruction at Bemidji State University.”