Athletic scholarship winners announced for 2013-14

Bemidji State University understands the rising cost of higher education and is committed to offering a variety of scholarship opportunities to as many students as possible. More than 30 percent of all new entering students receive scholarships.

A local student plays for an athletic team at Bemidji State University and received a scholarship based on involvement, GPA and leadership.

BSU will present more than $2.3 million in academic, talent, and leadership scholarships this year. The awards are made possible through donations to the BSU Foundation, the Alumni Association, and other organizations that specify funds for such causes.

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions and Scholarships, (218) 755 – 2040, (888) 345 – 1721. Additional information on scholarships at Bemidji State is available online.


56601| Steven Prichard, baseball, applied engineering – BSU Baseball Scholarship
56601| Cody Jenkins, baseball, accounting – BSU Baseball Scholarship
56601| Mason Bellew, baseball, undecided – Norland Baseball Scholarship
56601| Evan Olson, football, sports management – Bill & Betty Howe Scholarship
56601| Jordan Oien, football, exercise science – Jahner/Shanfield Scholarship
56601| Matt Phipps, football, history – Morlan Athletic Scholarship
56601| Andrew Benson, golf, social work – Ed Sauer Scholarship
56601| Bronwyn Boyd, soccer, biology – Leah’s Women’s Varsity Athletic Scholarship
56601| Matthew Hartmann, hockey, nursing – St. Martin Hockey Scholarship


Alexandria |56308| Ethan Favor – Jackson, football, environmental studies – Adams Scholarship
Coon Rapids |55433| Emily Paquin, cross country/track, biology – Morlan Athletic Scholarship
Grand Rapids |55744| Samuel Rendle, hockey, mathematics/education – Howe Athletic Scholarship
Hayfield |55940| Tyler Nelson, baseball, exercise science – BSU Baseball Scholarship
Lakeville |55044| Zach Braun, baseball, sports management – BSU Baseball Scholarship
Little Falls |56345| Joseph Hanowski, baseball, undecided – Ross Baseball Scholarship
Maplewood |55109| Mary O’Brien, soccer, business administration – Fed Insurance Business Athletic Scholarship
Maplewood |55117| Allie Duellman, hockey, elementary education – Joe & Jan Lueken Athletic Scholarship
Prior Lake |55372| John Hafdal, golf, undecided – Niskanen Men’s Golf Scholarship
St. Paul |55106| Maxie Rosenbloom, basketball, business administration – Chet Anderson Leadership Scholarship
Virginia |55792| Caley Westin, tennis, undecided – Chet Anderson Leadership Scholarship


Elburn |60119| Connor Quinn, football, physical education – Federated Insurance Scholarship


Sioux City |51103| Buckley Wright, football, criminal justice – Men’s Athletic Endowment Scholarship


Minot |58703| Zachariah Pulkinen, football, chemistry – Danny Kraus Scholarship


Hayward |54843| Morgan Lee, basketball, sports management – LeRoy E. Maas Scholarship
Oxford |53952| AlexAndrea Ehlert, hockey, psychology – St. Martin Hockey Scholarship
Sherwood |54169| Jacob Schalow, basketball, physical education – LeRoy E. Maas Scholarship


Dallas |75249| Larry Miller, football, design technology – Chet Anderson Scholarship