Local student is a member of Lifestyle Educators

The following students are active members of the Lifestyle Educators on the Bemidji State University campus. Lifestyle educators are student peer educators who are trained to give accurate and current health information to their peers. They are actively involved in developing, promoting and evaluating health programs on the BSU campus.

Peer educators increase student awareness about high-risk choices involving alcohol, drugs and sex. They foster leadership skills, attend weekly meetings and assist in the recruitment of future members. Lifestyle educators are volunteers who are eager to give their time, energy and friendship to other students in need.

For more information contact Jay Passa, Health Education Coordinator on the BSU campus, (218) 755-2080.

Students listed below by order of hometown.

Alexandria |56308| Courtney Peterson, senior, nursing
Breezy Point |56472| Rachel Harris, junior, art and design
Flensburg |56328| Carmen Backowski, junior, exercise science
Grand Rapids |55744| Kelly Campbell, senior, health
Gully |56646| Shelby Edevold, junior, exercise science
Jordan |55352| Tia Hinz, freshman, psychology
Maple Grove |55369| Lauren Stafne, senior, social work
Minneapolis |55410| Courtney Coleman, sophomore, administration
Minnetonka |55343| Keyla Kraus, junior, health
Monticello |55362| Jaime Feldman, junior, health
Salol |56756| Ashley Millner, senior, nursing

Fairbanks |99709| Sammie Taube, junior, exercise science