Bemidji State students receive more than $25,000 in scholarships

More than 20 incoming and returning Bemidji State University students are recieving $25,550 in scholarship funding to support their educations for the 2014-15 academic year.

Most scholarships are based on outstanding achievement and not on financial need.

Bemidji State understands the rising cost of higher education and is committed to offering a variety of scholarship opportunities to as many students as possible. In total, BSU will present more than $2.3 million in academic, talent and leadership scholarships this year. The awards are made possible through donations to BSU Alumni & Foundation and other organizations that specify funds for student scholarships.

• BSU Office of Admissions and Scholarships; (218) 755-2040, (888) 345-1721,

22 students recieve foundation scholarships from Bemidji State University
Bemidji |56601| Savanna Hanson, freshman, buisness administration; Paul Bunyan Communications Cooperative Scholarship – $2,850
Bemidji |56601| Krystal Irish, senior, elementary education; Jack and Delphine Jacobsen Scholarship – $1,000
Bemidji |56601| Austin Korczak, junior, biology; Ed Nordheim Scholarship – $500

Bagley |56621| Matthew Straabe, senior, applied engineering; Paul Bunyan Communications Technology Scholarship – $2,500
Franklin Park |56441| Daniel Kiebler, senior, physical education; Men’s Athletic Endowment – $1,300
Hamel |55340| Erin Waytas, sophomore, mathematics; Dr. Elwood Largis Family Scholarship -$1,000
Hibbing | 55746| Marie Bozovsky, freshman, elementary education; BSU Foundation General Scholarship – $1,300
Lakeville |55044| Nate Arentz, sophomore, business administration; Bruce and Mary Jo Falk Men’s Hockey Scholarship – $1,000
Laporte |56461| Kyle Kerby, freshman, business; Welle Family/First National Bank Scholarship – $1,000
Maple Grove |55369| Jessie Fuhrman, freshman, psychology; Jack & Delphine Jacobsen Scholarship – $1,000
Marshall |56258| Madison Schoephoerster, sophomore, sociologyy; Winston and Irene Naylor Scholarship; Winston and Irene Naylor Scholarship – $300
Menahga |56464| Rachael Horsma, senior, art and design; Big Oakes Foundation Scholarship – $1,000
Roseau |56751| Jasmin Beito, senior, biology; Harold Borchers Scholarship – $800
Wadena |56482| Jake Krause, sophomore, sports management; Jahner Shanfeld Football Scholarship – $600
Waubun |56589| Lindsey Adams, junior, nursing; St. Joseph’s Area Health Services Nursing Scholarship – $300
Windom |56101| Emily Turner, senior, biology; Sam and Peggy Johnson Scholarship in Biology – $1,200

Mesa |85201| Steven Prichard, junior, applied engineering and technology managment; Big Oakes Foundation Scholarship – $1,000

Elk Grove Village |60007| Charlie O’Connor, junior, business administration; Herb and Lynn Doran BSU Men’s Hockey Scholarship – $600
Geneva |60134| Connor Quinn, junior, business administration; Federated Insurance Business Student-Athlete Scholarship – $750

Rugby |58368| Hunter Parcel, freshman, vocal performance; M. Fern Birnstihl Scholarship – $500

Dawson Creek|Andrew Walsh, senior, business adminstration; Galen Nagle Memorial Scholarship – $2,300

Thunder Bay | Graeme McCormack, sophomore, business administration; Jeff “Bird” McBride Memorial Scholarship – $2,600