11 Bemidji State students recieve Foundation scholarships

Eleven Bemidji State University students are receiving $16,350 in scholarships from the BSU Foundation, part of more than $1.26 million in total scholarships that will be distributed to students by the BSU Foundation this year.

Most scholarships at BSU are awareded for outstanding achievement and academic merit.

The Foundation scholarship program is just part of Bemidji State’s commitment to offer a variety of scholarship opportunities to as many students as possible. In total, BSU will present more than $2.3 million in academic, talent and leadership scholarships this year. The awards are made possible through donations to BSU Alumni & Foundation and other organizations that specify funds for student scholarships.

• BSU Office of Admissions and Scholarships; (218) 755-2040, (888) 345-1721, admissions@bemidjistate.edu

11 students recieve foundation scholarships from Bemidji State University

Bemidji |56601| Luke Yerbich, freshman, mass communication; Constance Simenson-DeKrey Scholarship – $500
Big Falls |56627| Andrea Boes, freshman, business; Welle Family/First National Bank Scholarship – $1,000
Cambridge |55008| Natasha Lukacs, freshman, environmental studies; Jack & Delphine Jacobsen Scholarship – $1,000
Cook |55604| Danica Scofield, junior, environmental studies; Bemidji Area Retention Scholarship – $500
Duluth |55802| Noelle Berkelman, freshman, undeclared; Memorial Scholarship – $500
Eden Prairie |55344| Andrew Benson, senior, business administration; Ed Sauer Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
Grand Rapids |55744| Allison Laughlin, senior, music; Dr. Sylvia Dyrhaug Piano Scholarship – $1,000, Hypatia Spangler Music Scholarship – $1,050
Willow River |55795| Stephen Weber, junior, history; David and Dianna Parnow Scholarship – $1,000
Woodbury |55125| Nicholas Shelton, freshman, environmental studies; Jack & Delphine Jacobsen Scholarship – $1,000

Glendale |85301| Kameel Al-Khouri, junior, business; Dan Kraus Scholarship – $1,600

Stockbridge |30281| Scott Christensen, senior, exercise science; Chet Anderson Athletic Scholarship – $5,200