Report of Gifts

A great many doing
great things for BSU

Visionary Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” In the past year, donors, alumni, board members, faculty, community members and staff have contributed great individual efforts and gifts to benefit students and ensure BSU’s future.

The public launch of the Imagine Tomorrow Campaign at the 2013 Honors Gala resulted in a humbling response. If we learned one thing, it’s that people are passionately committed to supporting BSU. We just needed to ask.

Countless hours of research, planning, debate, execution and questions moved us from the $12.6 million in assets the foundation held just five years ago to more than $31 million today.

Much of that progress is due to the leadership and vision of friends like Joe Lueken and alumn Peggy Johnson, whom we lost this summer. We mourn their passing, celebrate their legacies and strive to carry on their shining examples.

Their generosity and that of donors like them already is benefiting students. Since beginning the quiet phase of the campaign in July 2011, scholarship dollars awarded have grown from $772,664 to more than $1 million. That translates to 711 scholarships used to fulfill 4,310 credit hours.

Nevertheless, we’re not done, and we are not content to simply hope we attain
our goal.

The foundation and alumni boards have developed a strategic plan for both organizations: connect, educate, communicate and engage are watchwords that will help shape events, outreach, volunteer opportunities and other efforts.

As I reflect on my time on the foundation board and as its president, I have to smile. While we may never be truly satisfied, we know many people are making great efforts to move BSU toward the tomorrow we imagine.

Jeff Kemink

Immediate Past President

Bemidji State University Foundation