Memorial Hall Renovation Project On Track for June Debut

The renovation of Bemidji State University’s Memorial Hall is underway and remains on schedule for completion during the summer of 2015.

Plumbing and electrical work is underway, and framing continues for the new office and classroom spaces that are being created in the building. Pads are being poured now for HVAC equipment, and once that is installed work can begin on building the walls around those rooms. Door frames will be installed soon as well, which will allow finishers to begin sheet rocking interior walls.

A shelter has been built on the east side of the building so construction can begin on the building’s new facade, which will include an elevator.

Sande says the project is approximately 50 percent completed and is still on track for a scheduled completion date in June 2015.

While the building remains on schedule, some aspects of the project have proven to be challenging for contractors. In particular, an interior project to demolish the bleacher riser flanking the building’s basketball court proved to be more difficult than expected.

“They had a robotic jackhammer that was brought in to do the task,” said Jeff Sande, BSU’s physical plant director. “The thickness of the concrete and the amount of rebar in the concrete made that more difficult than we expected.”

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