Inaugural Remarks

“I bring greetings on behalf of the nearly 400,000 students from all walks of life who turn to our colleges and universities each year as a place of hope and opportunity, seeking to create a better future for themselves, for their families and for their communities.”

  Elise Bourdeau, trustee, on behalf of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Board of Trustees

“This celebration of community and solidarity in support of Faith Hensrud provides a wonderful feeling that makes us know that life is good and full and meaningful. And for those of us who know Faith Hensrud and have the privilege of working with her, today is a moment of great pride.”

̶  Dr. Steven Rosenstonechancellor of the Minnesota State system

“We welcome your guidance and insight into enriching the character of our academic programs and faculty. Most importantly, we look forward to your support of the academic and intellectual success of the students who are entrusted into our care.”

Dr. Marty J. Wolfprofessor of computer science, on behalf of BSU faculty

“We want you to know that we trust you with our precious institutions. We believe you are a leader whose compass points true north. We are inspired by the history of our campuses, and we are ecstatic to see where you take us next.”

  Kayley Schoonmaker (left), president, BSU Student Senate, and Charity Johnson, vice president, NTC Student Senate, on behalf of students