The Legacy Society

Charles and Nancy Aldrich

Donald G. Anderson*+

Joan and David Anderson+

Boris and Caroline Andrican+

Bill* and Jessie* Baer+

H.C. Baer*

Grant Bateman*

Marjory C. Beck

Dr. M. James and  Nancy Bensen+

Evelyn Berg*

Dan and Terri Bergan

M.Fern Birnstihl*+

Marie Bishop*+

Jody and Gene Bisson

Elaine Bohanon*+

Randy and Marlene Bowen

Lloyd and Katherine Bradfield

Fred Breen*

Raymond Breen*

Alan P. Brew

Gurnee K. Bridgman+

Virginia Bridgman*

Dr. William and Henrietta Britton

Lynne C. Bunt *+

Jeffrey P. Busse+

Dr. Dale and Joanne Carlson

Dr. Joseph and Jenifer Carson

Cynthia and James Cashman

Dr. Sam* and Rose* Chen+

Richard Chopp*

Bertha Christianson*

Dr. Almond and  Shalyn Clark

Dr. Caroline M. Czarnecki+

Lyle E. Dally*+

Dr. Donald DeKrey*+

Rebecca Eggers*

Fritz and Robin Ehlers

Steve and Sue Engel

Irvin and Kay Engebretson

Eldridge* and Jean Erickson

Donald and Mary Erickson

Janet M. Erickson

Dr. Bruce and  Mary Jo Falk

Ann Moore Flowers*+

Dr. William and Margie Forseth

Jerry and Shirley Froseth

Helen Gill*

Dr. Lowell* and Ardis* Gillett+

Ronald and  Nancy Gladen

James D. Gribble+

Beulah Gregoire*

Dennis* and Patricia Grimes

Keith W. Gunderson*+

Cedsel J. Hagen*

Kathryn K. Hamm*

Linda S. Hanson

Luther and Diann Hanson

Russell* and Gudrun* Harding

Margaret H. Harlow*+

Oluf* and Margaret* Haugsrud+

Paul A. and Tammi L. Hedtke

Dr. Annie B. Henry

Dr. Ruth Howe and Merril Thiel+

Dr. Myrtie A. Hunt*+

Esther F. Instebo*+

John and Delphine Jacobsen

Christine Janda*

Edwin* and Myra* Johnson

Sam* and Peggy* Johnson+

Margaret H. Johnson*+

Jeffrey and Marjorie Johnson

Vince Johnson*+

Wilbur Johnson*+

Dr. Johannas M. Jordan

Robin Norgaard Kelleher

William and Patricia Kelly

Richard and Sharon King+

Justin and Jessica Klander

Lillie M. Kleven*+

Norman Kramer

Joan Kriegler*

Robert and Kristie Krowech

Dr. Elwood and Jean Largis

Eva Lind*+

Glen and Terri Lindseth

Keith Malmquist*

Neil and Patricia* McMurrin

Nelmarie Melville

Kathryn and Donald Mertz

Margaret A. Miles

John and Susan Minter

John and Walli Mitchell

Dr. Dorothy L. Moore*+

Dr. Thomas and Mary Moberg

Harry Moore*+

Claude Morris*+

Richard and Susan Morris

Betty Murray

Mary Ann Mushel*

Norman* and Judy Nelson

Dr. Raymond A. Nelson*

Wilford* and  Albioni*  Nelson

Dr. John and Monica* O’Boyle

Dr. Charles K. O’Connor

Beulah M. Parisi

David and Dianne Parnow

Lawrence W. Perkins*

Robert and Mary Lou Peters

David  Peterson*+

Rohl and Patricia Peterson

Dr. Joanne M. Provo+

Drs. Jon and  Patricia Quistgaard

David and Kim Ramsey

Dr. Tom and Sandra Richard

Bill and Lois Robertson

Pamela Fladeland-Rodriguez

Dr. Patricia A. Rosenbrock

Carol A. Russell

John and Charlotte Schullo

Mark and Margaret Schultz

Dr. Duane and Marilyn Sea

Ken* and Betti Sherman

Hazel Shimmin*

Richard Somodi

Lowell and Lois Sorenson

Duane and Celeste Sperl

Michael and Melinda Spry

Irwin* and Patricia St. John

Jack and Marie St. Martin

J. Ruth Stenerson*

Willie and Arla Stittsworth

Maurice and Lorna Sullivan+

Melanie and Michael Teems

Dr. Dave and Peggy Tiffany+

Dr. Ken Traxler

Joanne E. Torfin

John Traxler*

Bennett and Joan Trochlil

Dr. James and Diane Tuorila

Floyd A. Tweten

Nancy and Richard Vyskocil

Mervin Wagner*

Jeff and Christel Wallin

Dr. Victor D. Weber*

Robert* and Jeanette* Welle

Tom and Paulette Welle

George* and Paula Welte

Wesley W. Winter*

Shirley M. Yliniemi*

Robert and Sherry Young

Charles and Susan Zielin

Eleven anonymous