Bemidji Pioneer: VIVIAN DELGADO COLUMN: The natural laws are all around us

The summer season provides excellent examples of what is meant by natural laws. Take for instance, we have only had about two days in Bemidji that many people would consider extreme heat, aside from that we have had a late season and still moderate summer weather. Although the climate has remained steady, the natural laws that govern the summer season are in constant movement.

If we look at the lilac bushes, they arrived and bloomed in what we would call the summer season. Lilacs are a bush/tree that are known to bloom in the spring. Natural law would have it that lilac and any organic plant will grow when the environment is suitable, plants and all living matter are not confined to months or defined by seasons. We do know that each day we see change in our natural environments; plants, trees, grass, soil, etc. These changes are possible because natural laws are living laws.

Natural laws when observed teach us about impermanence, with each season we see new growth and the end of life, such is true for all living beings, as well. If you can imagine a waterfall and its energy and constant movement and you will begin to understand that it never stands still. Other examples of impermanence include; fire, (when not fed will die out), clouds (are constantly in flux), and thoughts (that are easily replaced moment by moment). Even the presence of thunder and lightning are impermanent even though this phenomenon is ancient.

Our emotional and physical feelings and senses are also impermanent. It would be safe to say that our emotions/feelings are controlled by thought, and our physical feelings (senses such as touch) are controlled by our environments. One can feel the boom of thunder in the ground before they will hear its boom and strength in the sky. Once an individual is in tune to the natural laws, other dimensions of their existing senses are developed in a slow and natural way as organic-living laws intended.

We never question why our thoughts are constantly evolving and developing because as part of the natural, living laws thought energy and dream manifestations cannot be changed. However, we do know that our influences can change our thought processes and dreams. Our dreams that follow rest and absence of thought come from our unconscious-subconscious self and can be more revealing than our thoughts because they manifest naturally. Dreams, like all things in nature, can be nurtured and guided and still be part of our naturally occurring living world.

Likewise, our bodies are in constant change and movement until we reach the end of our lives. Natural laws therefore illustrate to us via our natural environments that our lives are truly our preparation for the end of our life.

Have you ever wondered by the many, shared examples from others that when individuals become cognizant of the end of their life they often visit others who they may have harmed in some way to be, pardoned for their attitude and behavior? At the end of our lives we are more forgiving and seek forgiveness, we are more humble, and open to what we once may have considered impossible. Many attest that at the end of their physical life, they now experience a heightened awareness of their senses. You don’t have to be at the end of your life to experience this heightened sense, natural laws offer it to you when you lose someone close to you, or when you experience any life changing event, you just have to recognize it for what it is.

Go out and experience the overcast sky, is it occurring as a result of natural law or is it occurring as a result of man-made interventions? See reality for what it is, lift the veils and thank the natural laws for the innate intelligence of our universe.