Proposed Baudette Hockey Arena Comes to Life in TAD School Model Lab

Students in Lyle Meulebroeck’s Concept to Prototype Model class have completed and delivered a scale model of a proposed hockey arena for Lake of the Woods High School in Baudette, Minn., for Bemidji-based MJ Architectural Studios.

“It will be on display at the school so that more sponsors and the community members can look at it and get a little more excited about it, so it’s not just a few sketches on paper,” said Jessica Gallagher, a senior project management major from Loretto, Minn.

Gallagher is one of the 10 students who have been working on the scale model of the proposed $6.3 million Lake of the Woods International Ice Arena over the last two months.

The model has an open roof to show the hockey rink with seating on one side. A second-level enclosed viewing area is removable to reveal a first-floor ice skate rental foyer. The model is made primarily from laser-cut acrylic sheets covered with vinyl stickers designed with the help of senior art & design major Wyatt Wehking.

“It was nice working with a designer, too, because then some of the little nuances and little detail in the vinyl were really thought-out,” said David McIntyre, a senior art and design student from Bemidji.

Additional elements of the model, such as the Zamboni and nets on the hockey arena and the bleachers, were 3-D printed and hand painted.

Meulebroeck said the architect was impressed with the work during a pre-release viewing of the model on Dec. 1.

“They did an awesome job,” Meulebroeck said. “This thing came out really, really well. The creativity, that group that’s looking to sell this to the community up there, they can’t do better than this. It’s professionally done, they did an awesome job working on it, they did an awesome job collaborating as a group. They did everything you’d expect.”

When completed, the 38,000-square-foot facility will seat 650 for hockey. Learn more about the project at