Bemidji Pioneer: Someone Special Volunteer: Sarah Tarutis

The Bemidji Pioneer, Paul Bunyan Broadcasting, Ken K. Thompson and the United Way recognize “Someone Special Volunteers” who have made significant contributions to the community.

The Hope House has nominated Sarah Tarutis. Hope House provides community support and adult rehabilitative mental health services for people with long-term mental illness. Tarutis has served on the Hope House board of directors for six years, filling the office of secretary and, most recently, president. In addition to holding offices, she has served as a committee member each year. Tarutis is a strong advocate for educating the public and future caregivers about mental illness, a press release said. In her role as a Bemidji State University professor, she supervises a group of nursing students who volunteer at Hope House each fall.

To nominate a volunteer for the Someone Special Volunteer Program, or for more information, contact Shannon at the United Way of the Bemidji Area at (218) 444-8929,, or visit