Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin Summer Interns Assist With Local Canoe Build


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Bemidji’s Rail River Folk School, in collaboration with the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Region 2 Arts Council, sponsored a community birch-bark canoe construction workshop from July 14-22 on the shore of Bemidji’s Lake Irving. Summer interns from Bemidji State University’s Niizhoo-gwayakochigewin program were among more than 50 community members who stopped by to participate.

Ashlee Kveton uses spruce root on July 17 to lace together a portion of a birch bark canoe at the Rail River Folk School. (Jordan Shearer | Bemidji Pioneer)
Turning to Tradition

The Bemidji Pioneer ran a July 30, 2018, story recapping the build with photos taken during the week.