Bemidji State University Presents the 71st Annual Funtastic Dance Follies

For the 71st year, Bemidji State University students presented the Funtastic Dance Follies – the university’s second-longest annual tradition behind only Homecoming. The April 21-23 show featured a variety of students, BSU clubs/organizations and community members performing dance routines ranging from swing, line, Latin, ballroom, fad and folk dancing, and many others.

World-Class Juggler Joins Design Experts at 5th Annual TAD Talks

Bemidji State University’s fifth annual TAD Talks will feature “America’s Got Talent” juggler Charles Peachock, a performance by actor and two-time world champion fancy dancer Larry Yazzie, and a live sculpture construction by local artist Albert Belleveau.

Celebrating Excellence, BSU Students Honored for Outstanding Achievements

The Hobson Memorial Union hosted its 2019 Leadership Celebration to recognize outstanding student leaders, organizations, programs and advisors on April 24.

Native American Elder Supports BSU Students Through Culture and Tradition

Elder Murphy Thomas

Bemidji State University’s American Indian Resource Center welcomed elder Murphy Thomas to campus for an Elder in Residence program in mid-March. The program helps students create or strengthen their connections to Native American culture. Elders work with students in fostering cultural, academic, social and spiritual support. “Bringing an elder to campus helps to strengthen American […]

BSU Marketing Students Showcase Creativity at Mock Trade Show

Bemidji State University marketing students taught by Dr. Angie Kovarik, assistant professor of business administration, held a mock trade show at Bemidji’s downtown LaunchPad facility on April 24.

Exploring the University’s Archives with Colleen Deel in Honor of BSU’s Centennial Year

Colleen Deel, assistant professor of library & library services, presented the final lecture in the BSU Honors Council Lecture Series with her presentation entitled “Critically Understanding Our Relationship to the BSU Centennial.” To commemorate BSU’s centennial year, Deel turned  to the university’s archives and created a narrative of our past.

A Tiny House Dream Come True: Multi-year BSU Project Nears Completion

Bemidji State University has partnered with community investors on a multi-year project to design, build and, eventually, sell a “tiny house.” A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held at Bemidji State on Earth Day 2019 to celebrate the nearly-completed project and the many students who were involved in its construction.