Bringing World Music to Bemidji State Students, One Shekere At a Time

Dr. Janice Haworth, professor of music, is teaching World Music: Western Hemisphere at Bemidji State University during the Fall 2019 semester. All students are eligible to take the course, including music majors and non-music majors. Students are currently making shekeres, an African percussion instrument made out of a hollow gourd and beads.

BSU’s Department of Music seeks to promote a greater understanding of music within a liberal arts context. Completing a bachelor’s degree in music will allow students to pursue a diverse future that may include musical occupations or other careers that also require and maximize critical and analytical thinking.The Bachelor of Science in music education prepares both instrumental and vocal students to teach grades K-12. The Bachelor of Arts in music can be tailored to instrumental, piano, vocal performance, pedagogy or jazz studies.