Bemidji State Partners with Itasca Orchestra to Enhance Music Department

Assistant professor of music Dr. Eric Olson, has established a partnership between Bemidji State University and the Itasca Orchestra and Strings program based the Reif Performing Arts Center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

The orchestra and strings program provides opportunities for adults and the youth throughout northern Minnesota to hear, learn and perform orchestral music. Olson says the collaboration with Bemidji State will focus on sharing artistic expertise between orchestra members and BSU community.

“The partnership will give us access to resources and instructors that Bemidji State didn’t have before,” he said. “It will include a lot of collaboration, educational and performance opportunities for students. Both organizations will benefit from each other’s faculty and experience.”

Olson will work closely with the Itasca Orchestra to facilitate mutually beneficial artistic experience for Bemidji State students and faculty.