Gallery: BSU Celebrates Nursing Class of 2025

BSU nursing students from the class of 2025 were celebrated at a special ceremony on January 20 at the American Indian Resource Center.

Following an introduction from Diana Kostrzewski, associate dean of nursing, and a guest presentation from Kelly Hagen, chief nursing officer at Rainy Lake Medical Center, attendees recited the Nightingale Pledge and received official BSU name badges.

The Nightingale Pledge

Today I join my fellow classmates in the Bemidji State University’s Department of Nursing and pledge my commitment to the highest professional and academic standards of the nursing profession.

I pledge my dedication to a profession that is responsible for the lives of others. As a professional nurse, I recognize that I will be accountable to the public for my actions. I will work to safeguard the health and welfare of clients who have placed their trust in me.

I pledge to work together with my peers and to be supportive in my pursuit of excellence in nursing education. I vow to behave ethically, honestly, professionally, and with integrity in all my learning endeavors. As a student of nursing, I will promote ethical behavior and report unethical behavior.

As a future professional nurse and representative of the Bemidji State University’s Department of Nursing, I pledge to treat fellow students, faculty, staff, clients, and community partners with dignity and respect while taking consideration diversity in values and beliefs.

I pledge to advocate for clients in need and to embrace the complex role of the professional nurse. I will be a living role model for others. I recognize that my responsibility to acquiring new knowledge does not end with graduation but will be a lifelong endeavor.

About Nursing

Earning a degree in nursing at Bemidji State University prepares workforce-ready baccalaureate nurses, with a strong emphasis on cultural competence, rural practice and family health. The pre-licensure track degree is four academic years long and includes both general courses and nursing-specific courses. Students apply at the beginning of their sophomore year and begin the program in spring.