It’s for the Birds: Students Receive Grant to Install Bird-safe Decals

BSU students with a check from $1,500 check from Beltrami Electric Cooperative

The BSU Wildlife Society recently received a $1,500 grant from Beltrami Electric Cooperative to add bird-safe decals to windows at the BSU library and Linden and Hagg-Sauer Halls.

Dr. Jacob Haus, assistant professor of biology, said the project’s goal is to reduce the number of song birds that are killed by mistakingly flying into windows on campus. The decals reflect UV rays from sunlight to prevent birds from crashing into windows.

“Each morning, several students survey every building on campus to search for birds that have died from window strikes,” he said. “Students are hopeful that installing bird-safe decals will reduce the number of birds they find.”


Jacob Haus, assistant professor of biology