BSU Welcomes Visiting Scholar for 2023-24 Academic Year

Dr. Juan Carlos Callirgos

Dr. Juan Carlos Callirgos

Dr. Juan Carlos Callirgos, associate professor of anthropology and director of the gender studies program at the Universidad Pontificia of Lima in Perú, has joined the Bemidji State University faculty as a visiting scholar for the 2023-24 academic year.

His stay at BSU is sponsored by the Fulbright program, the United States’ flagship program for international education and cultural exchange. He will teach “Colonialism, Imperialism, Globalization” this fall as part of BSU’s Languages and Indigenous Studies program. The Spanish course covers the history of imperialism in the American continent and the struggles of its groups to emancipate themselves.

Callirgos has a Ph.D. in Latin American history from the University of Florida. With a background in cultural anthropology and gender studies, his courses focus on anthropology, race and ethnicity, colonial and postcolonial history and gender.


Dr. Juan Carlos Callirgos, adjunct professor


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