Bemidji State University academic buildings in the winterBemidji State University and Northwest Technical College rarely cancel or delay classes or events, and weather-related closures of the university or college are extremely rare. BSU and NTC have procedures for cancellations and closings which emphasize the safety of our campus communities.

If a weather-related or other emergency is declared by the president, the decision to close or cancel classes will be communicated to employees via several methods, including fac-staff email, the Beaver Alert system (which includes email, telephone and text-message notifications), as red or yellow site-wide alerts on and/or, via an institution’s official social media channels and via traditional broadcast media.

Beaver Alert text messages can be sent to personal cell phones. Employees are responsible for ensuring their emergency contact information is on file and up to date with Human Resources.

Employees may also be notified directly through processes established by the offices of their respective vice president or dean. Employees should rely only on web, email, Beaver Alert or media notices which specifically address Bemidji State University or Northwest Technical College. Closures announced by the Commissioner of Minnesota Management & Budget do not apply to Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College employees.

Inclement Weather and Weather-Related Leave

Bemidji State University and Northwest Technical College frequently encounter inclement weather conditions that can lead to difficult travel. While these weather conditions are not severe enough to justify campus closures, they do often significantly impact our employees who commute to and from work each day.

Unless campuses are closed, employees are expected to arrive at work at their regularly scheduled times for their regularly scheduled shifts. However, employees also have the clearest understanding of weather and road conditions between their homes and our campuses.

Employees who determine they are unable to reach campus as a result of inclement weather events, or who have determined their commute would be too dangerous to undertake as a direct result of these events, have the option of taking leave without prior approval. Leave must be vacation leave, comp time or leave without pay; sick leave may not be used in these circumstances. Employees are responsible for immediately notifying their supervisors if they elect to take weather-related leave.

For additional information on leave use during inclement weather conditions, please contact Human Resources.

Campus Closure

In the event of a closure, employees should not report to work and will remain in pay status. Only employees whose positions have been classified as essential will be required to work. Employees who have been deemed essential will be notified by their supervisors.

Information on timesheet coding to account for a closure will be shared by Human Resources. Any employee who is on a pre-approved vacation or medical leave at the time of a campus closure is required to continue using their planned leave. Emergency leave applies only to employees who were scheduled to work but did not report as the direct result of a closure.

For additional information on leave use during campus closures, please contact Human Resources after the campus has been re-opened.

Classes Canceled

An alternative to a campus closure is the cancellation of classes only. In this event, all employees — including faculty — are expected to report for regularly scheduled work hours unless arrangements have been made through a supervisor for approved leave.

Please direct any questions regarding closure to Public Safety, (218) 755-3888; questions on policies regarding closure can be directed to Human Resources, (218) 755-3966.