The chairs of the following committees report to the President and as such, these committees fall under the direction of the President.

Campus Compliance for Sexual Violence

The purpose of this committee is to coordinate the campus efforts regarding federal, state, and local mandates/compliance regarding sexual violence.

Chair 2020-2021: Vacant

Career Services Advisory Board

The Career Services Advisory Board will serve as an internal advisory group to the director of Career Services regarding the activities of the Bemidji State University Career Services office. Advice, recommendations and support will include but not limited to the following:

  1. Coordination of existing and developing programs in both academic and student service areas.
  2. Career Services Initiatives.
  3. Career information exchange, collaboration and communication between and among university departments as well as with the Office of Career Services.

Chair 2020-2021: Margie Giauque

Conditional Admission Committee

The Conditional Admission Committee is established to evaluate prospective student applications that do not meet BSU regular admission standards.

Chair 2020-2021: Andy Wright, Director of Admissions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The purpose of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee is to draft and implement a diversity plan for Bemidji State University.  These efforts are guided by national initiatives, such as the American Association for Colleges & Universities Making Excellence Inclusive Initiative, the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities 2015-2016 Diversity Work Plan, current research, and Bemidji State’s own desire to attract, retain and graduate students from diverse backgrounds, and to attract and retain a workforce that is as diverse as the society within which we live.

Co-Chairs for 2020-2021:  Dr. Ye “Solar” Hong / Dr. Thomas Dirth

Strategic Enrollment Management Plan Committee

The SEMP Committee purpose is the ideation, discussion, review, development, monitoring, and evaluation of all ideas, strategies, and actions relating to the marketing, recruitment, retention, and graduation of students. The committee’s role is primarily forward-thinking and advisory (much of the actual tactical work will be done in the individual working units).

Chair 2020-2021: Dr. Allen Bedford

Student Programs and Admissions Committee & Grade Challenge Review Board

The Student Programs and Admissions Committee is charged with reviewing and acting upon petitions from students for exceptions to University Academic policy and regulations.

Chair 2020-2021: Bev Hodgson

Title IX Committee

The Title IX Committee strives toward compliance with the federal regulation which is to provide equal athletic opportunities for all students in intercollegiate athletics. The specific responsibilities of the Title IX Committee include:

  • Serve as an advisory body to the Athletic Department on Title IX compliance
  • Review issues related to participation, athletic financial assistance, and other athletic benefits and opportunities
  • Recommend Bemidji State University’s Title IX goals
  • Serve as a monitoring body for Title IX
  • Review and provide for aspects of the Athletic Department strategic plan related to Title IX

Chair 2020-2021: Vacant