BSUSA Student Senate
has four committees that serve
the students at Bemidji State University

Campus Affairs Committee

Chair: samantha Frenz

The Campus Affairs Committee oversees the policies, concerns, and issues that affect the entire campus. This committee reviews and creates policies and procedures to protect the campus community in both external relationships, as well as internal operations.

Academic Affairs Committee

Chair: Colin Turner

The Academic Affairs Committee oversees all activities that support the academic mission of the University. The work of the Academic Affairs Committee includes the articulation of the academic mission of the University, enhancing the quality of the academic program, considering new academic programs and making modifications to existing academic programs.

Inclusivity Affairs Committee

Chair: Sarah Peck

The Inclusivity Affairs Committee is responsible for promoting various
organizations and events on campus, with the goal of supporting equality and  respect among the population of Bemidji State University. This committee is also responsible for working with University Committees concerned with inclusivity, student organizations, Students United Diversity Chair, and collaborating with various organizations across campus.

Public Relations Committee

Chair: alexis Bugera-brown

The Public Relations Committee is the active voice for Student Senate, and this committee is responsible for encouraging other students to get involved. This committee actively works with all media outlets, on and off campus.