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Weekly Schedule for the CS Lab Fall Semester 2014

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
11     krau1cha    
12   CS 2321 krau1cha CS 1309-2  
1   CS 2321   CS 1309-2  
2 CS 2322 CS 3370 CS 1309-1 CS 3370  
3 CS 2322 CS 3370 CS 1309-1 CS 3370  
5       CS 3270  
6       CS 3270  
7       CS 3270  
8       CS 3270  

The lab is only available when there is a login listed in that time slot.  Please don't use the lab when there is a class going on without asking the instructor for permission prior to the beginning of class.

Remember that the lab is open only when you staff it. Students who have completed CS 1309 and students in CS 2321 and higher are welcome to volunteer for staffing the lab for two hours each week. The two hours can either be in a block or two separate one hour time slots. Sign up by sending an email to indicating your preferred day and times, and either you or the lab assistants will write your login name on the sign up sheet outside the lab.

Before signing up, consider the rights and responsibilities of a labworker.